Power inductor, shielded, 20% tol, SMT, RoHS

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Coilcraft MLC1565-282MLC information

Coilcraft is the original manufacturer of MLC1565-282MLC, Power inductor, shielded, 20% tol, SMT, RoHS. You can buy this product directly from Coilcraft at

When you buy Coilcraft MLC1565-282MLC directly from the manufacturer, you know that the product will be new, unused, and RoHS compliant. Some companies claim to be a Coilcraft distributor. Brokers and unauthorized distributors are selling previously owned or counterfeit MLC1565-282MLC parts. There are NO authorized Coilcraft distributors in the US.

We carry Coilcraft MLC1565-282MLC in stock. Do not buy from a fake Coilcraft disty. There are NO franchised Coilcraft distributors in the US.

MLC1565-282MLC is also known as MLC1565-282ML MLC1565-282M MLC1565-282 MLC1565-28 MLC1565282MLC MLC1565282ML MLC1565282M MLC1565282 MLC156528