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Coilcraft's Position Regarding REACH

Coilcraft, Inc. is an environmentally responsible company and supports legislation aimed at protecting human health and the environment.

Coilcraft manufactures “articles” and as such is subject to the REACH provisions governing articles. Under these requirements Coilcraft is not subject to registering substances and relies on its suppliers to register. All substances required to be registered by our suppliers have been registered or will be registered per the legislation. None of the “articles” or their packaging through normal and foreseeable conditions contain any substance intended to be released.

As the SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern) Candidate List changes every 6 months and due to the variety of products Coilcraft produces, we will provide a new Certificate of Compliance for specific components upon request.

Coilcraft will maintain documentation to support its compliance with the REACH legislation and will continuously monitor compliance with future updates to the ‘Candidate List’. For additional information please contact [email protected].

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