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Coilcraft's Policy on Counterfeit Goods

In order to protect our customers as well as their end users, Coilcraft strictly controls the sales and distribution of its components.

In the US and Canada, Coilcraft products should only be purchased directly from Coilcraft, through Coilcraft's own on-line store, or through Mouser Electronics, our only authorized distributor in the US and Canada. In Europe and the rest of the world, you can buy direct or through the authorized distributors listed on the Coilcraft web site.

In an effort to save money or avoid lead times, some OEMs and contract manufacturers buy Coilcraft parts from unauthorized distributors or brokers who portray themselves as our dealer. But what these buyers often get are products that are:

Because Coilcraft has no control over these unauthorized suppliers or the products they sell, only customers who purchase through our approved channels can receive technical support, warranty coverage or return privileges. If you have received defective, counterfeit, obsolete, remarked or repackaged products, please contact the merchant who sold them.

By purchasing through Coilcraft's authorized channels, you are sure of getting:

Counterfeiting and other fraudulent practices are harming everyone in the electronics industry. Please do your part by dealing only with authorized sources; not just for Coilcraft products but for any other components that you buy.