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Isolation & Data Transformers

Isolation / data transformers are used for isolation and voltage scaling in data line and power supply applications. Isolation transformers typically serve three main purposes:

  1. Ground loop prevention – when connecting circuits with grounds at different potentials
  2. Galvanic isolation – to prevent the flow of direct current (DC) between sections of circuits
  3. Voltage transformation – to step up or step down from one voltage to another

Isolation transformers may be also be described as power-supply transformers, signal transformers, data-line transformers, communications transformers, interface transformers, data-interface transformers, industrial-communications transformers, and miniature transformers.  Isolation transformers are very versatile and well suited for many commercial and industrial power supply and data communications applications, including:

  • Low voltage (3.3 to 24 V) isolated DC-DC power supplies up to 15 Watts
  • Low-noise RS-485, RS-422, and RS-232 isolated serial communications data interfaces
  • Industrial and building automation and control systems
  • Multipoint data transmission systems
  • Isolated CAN interfaces
  • Isolated 4 – 20 mA current loops for process control
  • Half-bridge, Full-bridge, and Push-pull low voltage isolated DC-DC power supplies

For more details on isolation transformer applications, check out our Understanding and Selecting Isolation Transformers page.