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Safety UL / CSA / IEC

Some Coilcraft parts are designed to meet specific UL / CSA / IEC or other standards as noted on the particular Coilcraft data sheet.
Most Coilcraft products are typically not certified by UL, CSA, TUV, CE or other agencies. Safety standard listings most commonly apply to complete electronic assemblies such as power supplies, computers, modems, televisions, etc. and not specifically to the high-frequency transformers or inductors that Coilcraft manufactures. In most cases, Coilcraft products are evaluated as part of the end equipment built by our customers; the inductors or transformers are not usually individually listed.

Upon customer request, Coilcraft may obtain specific transformer listings, for example, per UL / IEC 60950 Harmonized Standard for “Safety of Information Technology Equipment.” However, doing so will not automatically qualify the end equipment for agency approval. The manufacturer still has to submit the entire product to UL for approval. Alternatively, Coilcraft can supply certain pertinent information about Hi Pot voltages and insulation to support customers with the approval process on a per request basis. 

To request information regarding safety agency approvals, contact Coilcraft Technical Support.