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Power Inductor Finder Tools!

XEL5020, XEL5030 and XEL5050 Series Power Inductors

New XEL50xx Low-loss
Power Inductors for
High-frequency Applications

Our new XEL5020, XEL5030 and XEL5050 Family of high-performance, molded power inductors offer exceptionally low DC resistance and ultra-low AC losses. They greatly improve power converter efficiency at high frequencies (2 to 5+ MHz).

Featured Innovations
0201HL 0402dc

Ferrite Beads

Higher performance
than other surface mount ferrite beads in the market.

Current Sense Transformers

Sensed current up to
40 A with a frequency range of 400 Hz to 1 MHz.

High Q Ceramic Chip Inductors

Select from a total of
112 values ranging
from 0.8 – 120 nH.

New to magnetics? Check out our Getting Started Series.