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RoHS Solutions

Coilcraft makes every effort to control the environmental impact of our products, and we support the efforts of our customers and suppliers to do the same.
Following is a summary of Coilcraft's policies and current practices regarding the reduction of hazardous materials.

Definition of “lead free”

Coilcraft has adopted the European Union's Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive. Based on RoHS guidelines, we consider any product that contains less than 0.1% or 1,000 ppm of lead in the homogeneous materials of the component to be “Lead Free”.

Status of our product families

None of our RoHS-compliant components contain any of the following materials, and it is our policy to prohibit the intentional introduction of them into future designs:
Any lead present in our ceramic body parts, such as chip inductors, is contained in the ceramic itself. The RoHS directive currently allows an exemption for “lead in glass of a ceramic matrix.”

Lead free products

Many Coilcraft products have always met RoHS standards and are suitable for 260°C soldering. You can continue to order these product families under their existing part numbers. They are identified on our web site and in our catalog by the “RoHS Compliant” symbol. Coilcraft has developed many components that are RoHS-compliant without exemption and we will continue to expand these product offerings. Contact your sales representative for more information. For Customers who do not require RoHS-compliant products, Coilcraft offers and will continue to offer product families that contain lead in solder that exceeds RoHS limits (contact [email protected] for details). In most cases, we offer RoHS-compliant alternatives for these products distinguished by the letter L, E or R in the part number. Our web site and catalog indicate the lead free alternatives and provide ordering instructions.


Coilcraft is very proud of our environmental record. It is our intent to continue to conduct all our business in the most environmentally friendly manner possible.

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