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Ultrasonic Sensing & Transformers

Ultrasonic sensing technology is a well-established and cost-effective solution for short distance object detection. The technique measures the time interval between when an ultrasonic signal is sent to and reflected back from a target object. More accurate and reliable high-performance ultrasonic sensors are becoming available, and the demand for this technology, and its essential components, is growing, especially for advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and automated driving systems in the automotive industry.  Ultrasonic sensing also plays an important role in many industrial automation applications such as liquid level detecting and anti-collision on work transportation platforms. Other fields of applications include medical, energy, manufacturing, and smart grid.
Coilcraft's high-quality ultrasonic transformers are key components in achieving wide-ranging, accurate ultrasonic distance sensing. They offer fixed inductance values that are stable up to 125°C ambient (AEC-Q200 Grade 1), which is critical for accurate and reliable system performance, especially in automotive and industrial environments. Automotive applications include: automated parking assist, blind-spot warning, presence and proximity detection, and automotive kick-to-open lift gates (smart trunk opener). Industrial applications include: liquid level sensing and inventory management, robotics landing assist and obstacle detection, anti-collision on aerial work platforms, forklift monitoring and control, and industrial door-opening sensing.
Read more about Transformer Solutions for Ultrasonic Sensing in our technical bulletin.

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