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Application Notes

All application notes are in Adobe Acrobat format.

 General Applications
1334 Assistance with Safety Agency Approvals
1287 Getting Started: An Introduction to Inductor Specifications
1189 Basics of Inductor Selection (from Electronic Design magazine)
1288 Selecting Current Sensors and Transformers
1226 Hipot Testing of Magnetic Components
712 Working Voltage Ratings Applied to Inductors
119 Testing Inductors at Application Frequencies
363 Measuring Self Resonant Frequency
361 Current and Temperature Ratings
1055 How Current and Power Relates to Losses and Temperature Rise
364 Calibration, Compensation, and Correlation
362 Soldering Surface Mount Components
1248 Selecting Flux for Soldering Coilcraft Components
787 PCB Washing and Coilcraft Parts
 RF Applications
1193 Broadband Chokes for Bias Tee Applications
671 Key Parameters for Selecting RF Inductors
945 Inductors as RF Chokes
 Power Conversion Applications
1192 Notes on Thermal Aging in Inductor Cores
1140 Beyond the Data Sheet: The Need for Smarter Power Inductor Specification Tools
1400 Choosing Inductors for Energy Efficient Power Applications
469 Selecting the Best Inductor for Your DC-DC Converter
486 Determining Inductor Power Losses
639 Selecting Coupled Inductors for SEPIC Applications
627 Structured Design of Switching Power Transformers
732 Selecting Inductors to Drive LEDs
 EMI/RFI Filtering
124A Coilcraft LC Filter Reference Design
155 Data Line Filtering
191 Common Mode Filter Design Guide
200 Common Mode Filter Inductor Analysis
1009 Selecting Common Mode Filter Chokes for High Speed Data Interfaces
1021 Passive LC Filter Design and Analysis
 Special Applications
925 Designing a 9th Order Elliptical Filter for MoCA® Applications
397 Transponder Coils in an RFID System
371 Measuring Sensitivity of Transponder Coils
157 Signal Transformer Application
556 Mounting Conical Inductors
857 Using Standard Transformers in Multiple Applications
869 Applying Statistical Techniques to the Design of Custom Magnetics
1066 Inductors for Biasing Amplifiers
1077 Using Baluns and RF Components for Impedance Matching

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