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High Temp / AEC-Q200 Qualified Products

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Coilcraft offers a wide range of products engineered to withstand extremes of hot and cold.
Most of them meet the stringent quality standards of AEC-Q200 and are suitable for use in
the harsh automotive environment. The table below shows parts rated for +140°C, +125°C
or +85°C ambient conditions. In addition to these off-the-shelf high-temperature parts,
Coilcraft can tailor many other products to fit specific environmental requirements.

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Maximum ambient temperatures (all parts rated for −40°C)
Surface Mount Power Inductors
+125°C View all
+85°C View all
Leaded Power Inductors
  +140°C AGP2923
+125°C AGP4233  AGM2222
+85°C View all
Coupled Power Inductors
  +125°C MSD1260T  MSD1278T
+85°C LPD8035V MSD7342
MSD1260 MSD1278
Class-D Inductors
+125°C HA4158  GA3416  JA4575
RA7231  UA801x
NEW! Ultrasonic Sensing Transformer
+125°C WA8351-AL
Current Transformers

+125°C CST1, 2  CST2010
CST2020  CST4835
Flyback Transformer

+125°C TA7608-AL  TA7618-AL
TA7788-AL  UA7902-AL
Planar Transformers

+125°C PL160  PL300  POE120PL
Isolation Transformers

+125°C PA6547  PA6548  PA6549

+125°C View all
+85°C View all
RFID Transponder Coils

+125°C 4312RV  4513TC  5315TC
Power Injection Chokes for PoC

+125°C 1210POC  1205POC
Broadband Chokes

+85°C KA4909
EMI Filters
+125°C RA6870  0805USBF
+85°C DFT4532 DLF

+125°C 1812CAN
Ultrasonic Sensing Transformer

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