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Cx Family Common Mode Chokes
0402CT Low Profile Chip Inductors
XAL7050 High-inductance Shielded Power Inductors
XGL4020 Ultra-low DCR Power Inductors


RoHS compliant
This power factor correction choke is designed specifically for the STMicroelectronics L6562 PFC controller. It is intended for use in IEC61000-3-2 compliant switch mode power supplies used in televisions, desktop PCs and high-end ac-dc adapters/chargers.

The EB0057-DL is the RoHS-compliant version of the EB0057-C. It is electrically identical and fits the recommended PC board layout.

Coilcraft can design custom transformers with voltage, inductance and DCR values to meet your specific requirements. Contact Coilcraft for more information or for free evaluation samples.

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Electrical specifications at 25°C.

Part number
(Hover for schematics)
Inductance (µH) 1
(Tolerance: ±10%)
Isat (A) 2 DCR max (Ω) Turns Ratio Irms (A) 3 Isolation
Voltage (Vrms) 4
Pri : Aux
EB0057-DL 150 10.0 0.09 1 : 0.125 4.0 4800
  1. Inductance measured at 50 kHz, 0.1 Vrms, 0 Adc.
  2. DC current at which the inductance drops 10% (typ) from its value without current
  3. Current that causes a 40°C temperature rise from 25°C ambient.
  4. Isolation measured from pins 1 and 2 to pins 13 and 14 with voltage applied for 2 seconds.


  • RoHS compliant tin-silver over tin over copper-clad steel. Other terminations available at additional cost.
RoHS compliant
Ambient temperature range:
–40°C to +85°C
Storage temperature range:
Component: –40°C to +85°C.
Tray packaging: –40°C to +80°C
Failures in Time (FIT) / Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF):

Physical characteristics


General specification

Core Material:
75 g
50 parts per tray


Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL):
1 (unlimited floor life at <30°C / 85% relative humidity)
PCB Washing:
Tested with pure water or alcohol only. For other solvents, see Doc787_PCB_Washing.pdf.

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