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Flyback Transformers

for Analog Devices ADP1032 & ADP1034

RoHS compliant
Coilcraft’s ZA9384-AL and ZA9644-AE are designed for use with ADP1032 and ADP1034 isolated micropower management unit. The two flyback transformers feature a simple 1:1 turns ratio design without the need for an extra transformer winding or opto coupler. They are optimized for wide input supply voltage and high efficiency at the maximum output power. The ZA9644-AE is the smallest solution and the ZA9384-AL is slightly larger in size but can offer even higher efficiency. Both transformers have high saturation current and low leakage inductance to ensure low losses and overall high system efficiency.
  • Optimized for Analog Devices ADP1032 and ADP1034 isolated micropower management unit
  • Ideal for wide input voltage range 4.5 – 60 V input
  • Select the ZA9384-AL for higher efficiency and the ZA9644-AE for a smaller package size
  • Low leakage inductance

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Typical Application

Works with Analog Devices ADP1032 and ADP1034

Input Voltage Output
4.5 V 60 V 6 V 28 V
0.18 A


Electrical specifications at 25°C.

Part number
(Hover for schematics)
at 0A (µH) 1
(Tolerance: ±10%)
min at   0.4 A (µH) 2
Isat (A) 3 DCR max (Ω) Leakage
max (µH) 4
Turns Ratio Isolation
Voltage (Vrms) 5
Pri Sec Pri : Sec
ZA9384-ALD 470 423 0.80 1.1 1.6 4.0 1 : 1 2000
ZA9644-AED 470 376 0.49 1.8 1.8 3.8 1 : 1 2000
  1. Inductance is for the primary, measured on an Agilent/HP 4284 at 100 kHz, 0.1 Vrms, 0 Adc
  2. Minimum inductance is for the primary, measured on an Agilent/HP 4284 at 100 kHz, 0.1 Vrms, 0.4 Adc.
  3. DC current that causes an inductance drop of 30% (typ) from its value without current.
  4. Leakage inductance is for the primary with secondary winding shorted together.
  5. Isolation (hipot) measured between windings for one minute.


  • RoHS-compliant. 260°C compatible. Tin-silver-copper (95.5/3.8/0.7) over tin over nickel over phos bronze.


  • D = 13″ machine ready reel. EIA-481 embossed plastic tape. Quantities less than full reel available: in tape (not machine ready) or with leader and trailer ($25 charge).
RoHS compliant
Ambient temperature range:
–40°C to +85°C
Storage temperature range:
Component: –40°C to +125°C
Tape and reel packaging: –40°C to +80°C
Maximum part temperature:
Failures in Time (FIT) / Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF):

Performance curves

Inductance vs Current


ZA9384-AL ZA9644-AE
za9384s.gif za9644s.gif

Physical characteristics






Tape and Reel specification


Parts per reel Reel dimensions (mm) Tape dimensions (mm) Orientation
13" (330 mm) A B C D E W P Po P1 H T part_or_C.gif
400 (ZA9384) 330 100 13 38,4 32,4 32 20 4 2 7,6 0,4
300 (ZA9644) 330 100 13 38,4 32,4 32 20 4 2 10,69 0,42 part_or_u.gif

General specification

Core Material:
ZA9384-AL: 2.7 g; ZA9644-AE: 1.985 g
300 per reel, 13″ reel Plastic tape: 32 mm wide, 0.42 mm thick, 20 mm pocket spacing, 10.69 mm pocket depth


Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL):
1 (unlimited floor life at <30°C / 85% relative humidity)
Resistance to soldering heat:
Max three 40 second reflows at +260°C, parts cooled to room temperature between cycles
Refer to Soldering Coilcraft Components before soldering.
PCB Washing:
Tested to MIL-STD-202 Method 215 plus an additional aqueous wash. More info.