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Cx Family Common Mode Chokes
0402CT Low Profile Chip Inductors
XAL7050 High-inductance Shielded Power Inductors
XGL4020 Ultra-low DCR Power Inductors

MVR Power inductors for VRM/VRD

Coilcraft low-profile MVR shielded power inductors are great for high current DC-DC converters and VRM/VRD controllers. High-temperature, low-loss materials do not exhibit thermal aging.
  • Very low DCR and high current handling
  • Low loss and soft saturation versions
  • Low profile with excellent performance-to-height ratio
  • Magnetic shielding allows high-density packaging
  • Designed for DC-DC and VRM/VRD controller applications

Series in this family

Product series Inductance Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
MVR 250 nH 2.3 µH 11.5 9.75 4.7 View Series