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Cx Family Common Mode Chokes
0402CT Low Profile Chip Inductors
XAL7050 High-inductance Shielded Power Inductors
XGL4020 Ultra-low DCR Power Inductors


Coilcraft's MSD Family of high-temperature 1:1 coupled power inductors feature magnetic shielding for compact packaging and tight winding-to-winding coupling. They are ideal for Flyback, SEPIC, Ćuk, Zeta and other applications.
  • Ideal for Flyback, SEPIC, Ćuk, Zeta and other applications
  • Magnetic shielding allows high-density mounting
  • Tight winding coupling
  • Industry standard footprints
  • AEC-Q200 Grade 1 (−40°C to +125°C) with a 165°C max part temperature

Series in this family

Product series Inductance Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
MSD1048H 2.2 µH 220 µH 10.3 10.3 5.0 View Series