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Video Library
Cx Family Common Mode Chokes
0402CT Low Profile Chip Inductors
XAL7050 High-inductance Shielded Power Inductors
XGL4020 Ultra-low DCR Power Inductors


Essential Values

Designer's Kit, XAL/XFL power inductors, RoHS, halogen-free

Kit C454 has been replaced with a newer version!
Our new C509 Essential Values kit replaces Kit C454 and contains our new XFL/XGL Power Inductors. It features ultra-low profile inductors, the industry’s lowest DCR and ultra-low AC losses over a wide frequency range.

  • Current Range: 845 mA - 55.0 A
  • No. of Values: 38
  • Packaging: Acrylic Case
  • Mount: SMD
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Kit Contents for C454 Refill