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Through-Hole Power Inductors

A min
Shielded Inductors
Radial lead
6.8 µH – 10,000 µH
Product family: RFS
High current flat wire
3.3 µH – 470 µH
Product families: AGM, AGP, VER
2 µH – 1,500 µH
Product families: DMT, HCT
Unshielded Inductors
Small radial lead
0.91 µH – 18,000 µH
Product families: DC, DR, RFB, RFC
Radial lead
1 µH – 1,000 µH
Product family: PCV
High Temperature Inductors
  AEC-Q200 qualified for up to
85°C ambient

0.91 µH – 18,000 µH
Grade 3 (85°C)
DC-DC Inductor Finder
Calculate and find the best inductor for your switcher topology
IC / Inductor Matching Tool
Find the latest inductors for 1000s of IC reference designs
Core + Winding Loss Calculator
Perform detailed core and DCR loss comparisons
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Designer's Kits
DC1012   PCH27 / PCH45
PCV-0 / PCV-2

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