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Power Inductors and Power Magnetics

Power Inductors
SM power inductors  VIEW
0.022 - 10,000 µH
Through hole inductors  VIEW
0.91 - 18,000 µH
Coupled inductors  VIEW
1 : 1 and other turns ratios
High temperature /
automotive grade
AEC-Q200 qualified to 125°C ambient
Non-magnetic inductors  VIEW
Air core  0.022 - 0.257 µH
Class-D inductors  VIEW
Dual and single styles
PFC boost inductors  VIEW
Turns ratios from 8 : 1 to 13 : 1
IC-specific magnetics

IC / Inductor Matching Tool

Magnetics for Texas Instruments ICs

Magnetics for Linear Technology ICs

Magnetics for ON Semiconductor ICs

Power Transformers
Flyback Standard designs   VIEW IC-specific    VIEW Miniature 1 : 1    VIEW Miniature other ratios    VIEW No-opto    VIEW

Forward mode  VIEW

Isolation  VIEW

Gate drive  VIEW

Power over Ethernet  VIEW

Capacitor charging  VIEW


Planar  VIEW

Configurable  VIEW

Toroidal  VIEW

Custom  VIEW

High temperature / automotive  VIEW

Download our Capabilities Bulletin: Magnetic Components for High-Load Applications

Other magnetics
Current sense transformers & sensors  VIEW
Sense current up to 40 A
Common mode line chokes  VIEW
SM and TH styles rated up to 15 A
Mag amps  VIEW
For supplies from 20 to 100+ kHz


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