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Test Fixture Compatibility Chart

View an Acrobat PDF document describing all fixtures.

  Fixture connects directly to the instrument.
  Adapter required (see codes below chart).


(Part size)
Precision 7 mm        
4 terminal BNC          
Precision 3.5 mm/SMA, 7 mm
adapters included in Fixture Kit
Precision 3.5 mm/SMA, 2 port             
Agilent/HP 4191A      
Agilent/HP 4192A  
Agilent/HP 4194A  
Agilent/HP 4195A      
Agilent/HP 4263A  
Agilent/HP 4263B  
Agilent/HP 4274A  
Agilent/HP 4291A      
Agilent/HP 4292A      
Agilent/HP 4775  
Agilent/HP 4776  
Agilent/HP 4277  
Agilent/HP 4278  
Agilent/HP 4279  
Agilent/HP 4284A  
Agilent/HP 4285A  
Agilent/HP 4286A      
Agilent/HP 4287A      
Agilent/HP E4991A, E4991B      
Agilent/HP 4294A  
Agilent/HP 4395A    
Agilent/HP 4396A    
Agilent/Keysight E4982A      
Agilent/HP E5100            
Agilent/HP 8712/14            
Agilent/HP 8753            
Wayne Kerr 3240          
Wayne Kerr 3245          
Wayne Kerr 4210          
Wayne Kerr 4210S          
Wayne Kerr 4220          
Wayne Kerr 4225          
Wayne Kerr 4250          
Wayne Kerr 6425           
Wayne Kerr 7010           
GenRad 1657          
GenRad 1659          
GenRad 1687B          
GenRad 1689          
GenRad 1689M          
GenRad 1692          
GenRad 1693          
ESI 252/253/254          
ESI 295          
ESI 296/410A          
ESI 2150/2160          
ESI 2522B          
1. With Agilent/HP 16085A adapter
2. With Agilent/HP 41951A adapter
3. With Agilent/HP 42942A adapter
4. With Agilent/HP 43961A adapter
5. With Agilent/HP E5090A Test Port Adapter
6. With Wayne Kerr 1055 cable kit
7. With GenRad 1689-9601 BNC adapter and user supplied male-female BNC adapter
8. With Wayne Kerr 1050 cable kit
9. With ESI 43586 cable set
10. With ESI 59279 cable set
11. With ESI 53155 cable set
12. With Coilcraft 4286-ADAPT adapter

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Updated: October 31, 2018