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Typical RoHS Reflow Profile

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All Coilcraft RoHS-compliant parts are backward compatible with tin-lead soldering processes. Soldering temperature must be greater than 230°C to ensure proper melting of lead-free solder.

For all soldering methods, the optimal reflow profile for a circuit board assembly is dependent on the solder material, solder amount, flux, temperature limit of each soldered component, heat transfer characteristics of the circuit board and component materials, and the layout of all components. The temperature versus time limitation of the least robust component of the circuit board assembly ultimately may determine the actual temperature profile that must be used. For these reasons, Coilcraft does not specify soldering profiles for our components.

This typical reflow profile is based on IPC/JEDEC J-STD-020 Revision D.1 (March 2008). It is provided only as a guide. For additional information, refer to these web sites:, and