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0402CT Low Profile Chip Inductors
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Coilcraft LC Filter Designer Software

Coilcraft has teamed with Nuhertz Technologies to offer this customized version of their powerful FilterSolutions® software.

You can create elliptic low pass filters using actual Coilcraft inductance values, not just ideal components. Then request free inductor samples with the push of a button. This helps ensure that your simulated filter comes close to the performance of the real-world filter.

  • DesignLow Pass Elliptic filters
  • Select 3,  5, or 7 poles
  • 50 Ohm terminations
  • S-Parameter analysis in log and linear frequency scale
  • Minimum capacitor or minimum inductor topologies
  • Uses actual Coilcraft inductor data
  • Request free inductor samples
64-bit  32-bit

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