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RF Inductors – Color Coding

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0201, 0302, 0402, 0403 and 0603 Series

Because of their small size, 0201, 0302, 0402, 0403 and some 0603 parts are not marked.


0603, 0805 and 1008 Series

0603 (except 0603CT), 0805 (except 0805HP), and some 1008 parts are marked with a single color dot. The inductance value  represented by the dot is shown on the data page for each series The dot is for identification only, may be at one end of the part or in the middle, and does not indicate polarity.

1008, 1206, 1812 and Midi Spring Series

Some 1008 parts are marked with one dot. The inductance value represented by the dot is shown on the data sheet for the series. The dot is for identification only and does not indicate polarity.

Other parts are marked with three color dots. The dots do not indicate polarity. The table below shows the significance of each color.

Dots 1 and 2 indicate the inductance in nanoHenries.
Dot 3 indicates the number of zeroes to be added.

Gray  Red  Black = 82 nH
Brown  Red  Brown = 120 nH
Yellow  Violet  Red = 4700 nH

Values below 10 nH

On these parts, the third dot is not a multiplier. Refer to the table below for the specific inductance values represented by the color dots.

1008CT Series    
Black  Yellow  Black
Black  Gray  Black
4.7 nH
8.2 nH
1008HT Series    
Black  Orange  Black
Black  Blue  Black
Black  Violet  Black
3.3 nH
6.8 nH
7.2 nH
1008HQ Series    
Black  Orange  Black
Black  Yellow  Black
Black  Violet  Black
3.0 nH
4.1 nH
7.8 nH
1206CS Series    
Black  Orange  Black
Black  Blue  Black
3.3 nH
6.8 nH

   0 = Black
   1 = Brown
   2 = Red
   3 = Orange
   4 = Yellow
   5 = Green
   6 = Blue
   7 = Violet
   8 = Gray
   9 = White

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