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Current Sense Transformers

Current transformers accurately sense and measure current flow in power supply circuits in a non-invasive way. Ideally, they shunt a very small sample of the current to measure while dissipating minimal energy. The sensed current information is typically used to prevent overcurrent conditions and to monitor and control circuits in power supplies and other powered applications. Current sensors are frequently used to measure and control the load current in power supplies, safety circuits and a variety of control circuits. In applications where controlling the current is required, such as in power supplies, accurately sensing the magnitude of the current is a fundamental requirement. Coilcraft manufactures wire-through-hole current sensors and SM current sense transformers for measuring current at frequencies from 50/60 Hz to greater than 1 MHz. 

Selecting the appropriate current sense transformer for your application begins by determining:
  1. The maximum current to be sensed
  2. The frequency of the current waveform to be sensed
  3. The duty cycle of the current waveform to be sensed
  4. The desired output voltage across your terminating resistor

Selection is greatly simplified with our Current Transformer Selector tool.  This online resource helps you quickly find the best current transformer for your application and includes behind-the-scenes flux density calculations to assure your selection is sized correctly.  Our Selecting Current Sensors and Transformers  application note discusses the technology and applications of current transformers.

Current Transformers

  Current Frequency
CST4835.png 7 A max 11 kHz – 1000 kHz 500 Vrms CST4835
CST2.png 20 A max 7 kHz – 1000 kHz 500 Vrms CSTx
cst7030.png 20 A max 10 kHz – 1000 kHz 500 Vrms CST7030
CU8965.png 20 A max 16 kHz – 1000 kHz 1000 Vrms CU8965
cst1211.png 28 A max 11 kHz – 1000 kHz 3000 Vrms CST1211
scs.png 30 A max 2 kHz – 1000 kHz 500 Vrms SCS
CS4200.png 35 A max 1/2/3 kHz – 1000 kHz 3750 Vrms CS4xx0V
cst2010.png 47 A max 1 kHz – 1000 kHz 1500 Vrms CST2010
cst2010v.png 40 A max 1 kHz – 1000 kHz 2100 Vrms CST2010V
CST2020.png 40 A max 0.4 kHz – 1000 kHz 4000 Vrms CST2020
cst3015.png 88 A max 0.2 kHz – 1000 kHz 5000 Vrms CST3015

Sensor Only

  Current Frequency
D1871.png 35 A max 1 kHz – 1000 kHz D18xx
CS1750.png 35 A max 0.2 kHz – 1000 kHz CS1xx0

50/60 Hz Sensors

  Current Frequency
CS60-010.png 10 A max 50 Hz – 60 Hz CS60
CS2106.png 20 A max 50 Hz – 60 Hz CS2106
CS60-050.png 50/75/100 A max 50 Hz – 60 Hz CS60