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Ultrasonic Sensing Applications

Coilcraft’s high-quality ultrasonic transformers are key components that help achieve wide-ranging, accurate ultrasonic distance sensing. They offer fixed inductance values that are stable up to 125℃ ambient (AEC-Q200 Grade 1), which is critical for accurate and reliable system performance, especially in automotive and industrial environments.

The demand for high-quality ultrasonic sensors is being fueled by advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and automated driving systems. Automotive OEMs are leveraging this technology as a cost-effective solution for short-distance object detection in applications such as parking assist and collision warning. Other application areas include medical, energy, and manufacturing.

Automotive Applications

  • Automated parking assist
  • Blind-spot warning
  • Presence and proximity detection
  • Automotive kick-to-open lift gates (smart trunk opener)

Industrial Applications

  • Liquid level sensing and inventory management
  • Robotics landing assist and obstacle detection
  • Anti-collision on aerial work platforms
  • Forklift monitoring and control
Coilcraft's WA8351-AL ultrasonic transformer has a fixed inductance value, is stable up to 125°C ambient and is ideal for automotive use.

Coilcraft's WA8351-AL Ultrasonic Sensing Transformer

Typically, tunable-inductance transformers have been used with ultrasonic transducer drivers. But these transformers have a weakness: The inductance tends to drift as temperatures rise, possibly creating system instability. Coilcraft’s WA8351-AL SMT transformer has a fixed inductance value and is stable up to an ambient temperature of 125°C. Our solution is optimized for TI’s PGA460-Q1 automotive ultrasonic signal processor and transducer driver. For parking assist systems, the PGA460-Q1 can detect objects from less than 10 cm to more than 7 meters — a much wider range than today’s typical requirements for such systems. Three PGA460-Q1 transducer drivers are employed to achieve long-distance ranging, meaning object detection at a distance from 25 cm to 2.5 meters. (See TIDA-01597 reference design for details.)

WA8351-AL Ultrasonic

Coilcraft offers a wide range of high-reliability and high-volume magnetics solutions for the automotive industry. As a manufacturer of coils and transformers for RF, power, EMI, and sensing applications, Coilcraft meets the rigorous quality demands of its customers. Specifically, our facilities are IATF 16949-certified and have received ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) certification for the design and manufacture of SMT and leaded inductive components. Coilcraft automotive components are qualified to AEC-Q200, either Grade 1 (–40°C to 125°C ambient) or Grade 3 (–40°C to 85°C ambient).

Ultrasonic sensing is becoming a go-to object-detection technology in both the automotive and industrial automation markets. Coilcraft’s high-quality ultrasonic transformers can help to achieve wide-ranging, accurate ultrasonic distance sensing. Read about these temperature-stable and AEC-Q200-qualified solutions and the critical role they play in automotive (parking assist, blind-spot warning, smart trunk opener) and industrial automation (liquid level detection and anti-collision on aerial work platforms) applications.