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Speed Design and Improve the Performance of LED Driver Circuits

Coilcraft offers a variety of tools and resources to help facilitate the selection of power inductors for LED driver circuits. Whether you are starting with a specific driver IC or topology or you'd just like to compare the efficiency of several inductors, Coilcraft has tools for your design. Use the links below to select, compare and evaluate Coilcraft inductors for your application.

Lighting the Way for Inductor Selection

LED lighting is an exciting and fast-growing application area. LEDs provide low-cost, reliable, and energy-efficient lighting for a wide variety of applications, including automotive, architectural, signage, solar lighting, and handheld devices. Designers face the challenge of choosing from a vast array of LED manufacturers and device styles. Equally challenging can be the selection of components for the LED driver circuit. Fortunately, powerful online tools can streamline power inductor selection.

All LED applications require a DC power supply to provide power to the LED. Inductors are used in these power supplies to smooth out the ripple current typically seen at the output of the supply. High ripple current may result in changing light intensity, leading to higher AC losses in the inductor. Selecting the right inductor for optimal ripple current requires comparing the size, performance, and efficiency of the proposed inductors. Coilcraft’s powerful online tools help remove the guesswork and simplify such comparisons.  

  • Coilcraft’s DC-DC Optimizer Tool is perfect whether you are selecting an inductor for step-down (buck), step-up (boost), or both (buck-boost).  

  • If you know your inductor requirements, use our Power Inductor Finder Tool to view a sortable list of  possible solutions.  

  • Looking for a coupled inductor for a SEPIC or ZETA topology? Contact us with your requirements, and we’ll respond with a list of our best options.

  • Core loss and winding loss calculations are built into the tools, facilitating your efficiency comparison and analysis.