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XAL7050 High-inductance Shielded Power Inductors
XGL4020 Ultra-low DCR Power Inductors

Commercial Item Descriptions (CID)

A number of Coilcraft products have a Commercial Item Description (CID) issued by the US government's Defense Supply Center. A CID describes a commercial product that satisfies the government's needs in terms of its function, performance specifications or critical physical requirements.

Agencies have been instructed to avoid government-unique requirements and contractors are being urged to use commercially available products that have a CID. This is part of a shift by the Department of Defense toward performance-based specifications and standards in place of MIL-SPECS and MIL-STDS.

These Coilcraft product families currently have Commercial Item Descriptions. If you have any problems with the CID links below, please contact us directly.


Coilcraft data sheet Defense Supply Center CID
0603CS chip inductor A-A-59416
0603HC chip inductor A-A-59408
0805CS chip inductor A-A-59700
1008CS chip inductor A-A-59697
1008CT chip inductor A-A-59696
1008HQ chip inductor A-A-59739
1008LS chip inductor A-A-59698
1812CS chip inductor A-A-59740
1812LS chip inductor A-A-59699
CM1394 common mode choke A-A-59744
DO1608 power inductor A-A-59742
DO3308 power inductor A-A-59738
DO3316 power inductor A-A-59737
DS1608 power inductor A-A-59741
DT1608 power inductor A-A-59235