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Planar Transformer Prototyping Kit

Designer's Kit, planar transformer prototyping, RoHS

This is the kit used by Coilcraft designers to provide fast turnaround of planar transformer samples. You can experiment with the number of turns, DCR and the location of the windings within the assembly (interleaving). The pre-designed windings allow quick evaluations and designs that are ready-to-go for production.

You can design planar transformers for the following topologies and power levels, based on 100 kHz switching frequency.

  • Full bridge and half bridge - 140 Watt
  • Push pull converter - 100 Watt
  • Forward converter - 50 Watt
  • Flyback - 25 Watt

The prototype transformers can have up to 12 primary turns and four secondary turns. Effective core cross-sectional area is 0.473 cm2 (0.410 cmmin). Primary to secondary isolation of the production parts is 1500 Vdc. All specifications can be found in the kit  manual.

The prototype can be assembled, placed in the circuit and tested, with no tooling expense and no waiting. After your prototype proves successful, your design can be submitted to Coilcraft for a production run.

View the kit manual

  • Anzahl Werte: Sufficient parts to build 6 transformers
  • Verpackung: Acrylic Case
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