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Power Inductors and Power Magnetics

Power Inductors
SMT Power Inductors
SMT Coupled Power Inductors
High Temperature / Automotive Grade Inductors
High SRF Power Chip Inductors
Through-Hole Power Inductors
Inductors for Class D
Power Factor Boost Inductors
Non-Magnetic Power Inductors  NEW!
Flyback Transformer Selector
Flyback Transformers - IC-specific
Miniature High-Isolation Transformers  NEW!
Capacitor Charging Transformers
Forward-Mode Transformers
Power over Ethernet Magnetics
Hexa-Path Magnetics (six 1 : 1 windings)
Planar Magnetics
Isolation Transformers
Miniature Step-Up/Flyback Transformers
LPR4012   LPR6235
Base/Gate Driver Transformers
CCFL Transformers
Toroidal Transformer (1 : 1 : 1)  NEW!
Custom Transformers
Other power magnetics
Current Sensors
Mag Amps
Common Mode Line Chokes

Power Inductor Finder
SM Power Inductor Selection Chart
IC / Inductor Matching Tool
Power Supply Simulation Tools
Converter Inductor Selector
SEPIC Converter Inductor Selector
Core & Winding Loss Calculator
Coupled Inductor Loss Calculator
Current Transformer Selector
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IC-Specific Magnetics

IC / Inductor Matching Tool
Magnetics for Linear Technology ICs
Magnetics for ON Semiconductor ICs
Magnetics for Texas Instruments ICs

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