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The easiest way to pick a power inductor!

Use our all new Power Inductor Finder to quickly locate the perfect inductor for your operating current and temperature.

Tailor your search for size, price or performance. The results are all on one page: specifications, L vs I curves, loss calculations, part photos and more.

Use the Power Inductor Finder link at the top of any of our web pages.


Mini transformers provide 1500 Vdc isolation

Our LPD5030V Series miniature 1:1 flyback transformer offers 1500 Vdc winding-to-winding isolation in the smallest package size available. They're a cost-effective solution for high-density, isolated-circuit applications. Named a 2013 Product of the Year by Electronic Products magazine!

Air core inductors offer Q factors to 200

These high-performance, square air core inductors offer exceptionally high Q factors (up to 200 at 400 MHz) and seven inductance values from 27nH to 47nH. They have a flat top and bottom for easy pick and place and mechanical stability, and footprints from just 2.67mm square.

Shielded inductors in low DCR or high Isat versions

SER80xx Series shielded power inductors come in two versions: one with exceptionally low DC resistance (as low as 2.50 mOhms) and the other with saturation current ratings to 53 Amps. Both are RoHS compliant and can be reflowed at temperatures up to 260°C.