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Trituner and Slot Tuner Tools for tuning inductors, capacitors and other variable componenets.

These exclusive tools are ideal for tuning inductors, capacitors and many other variable components.

The Trituner™ is a unique 3-in-1 tool.  Both ends have large surface areas to prevent fragile cores from stripping or breaking. This tool has the strength of steel but is totally non-magnetic.

  • Designed for our "Unicoil" and "Slot Ten" series
  • Molded of rugged PET thermoplastic material
  • One end is stepped for 1/4-28 and 10-32 cores
  • Other end is for 6-32 slotted cores.
  • One tool does the work of three
  • Non-magnetic ceramic screwdriver tip for durability

The Slot Tuner tool has a non-conductive ceramic shaft. The plastic handle has a convenient grip surface and a rotating end to help you make fine adjustments easily.

  • The ideal tool for all Coilcraft "Slot Seven" parts
  • 0.6 mm × 1.2 mm screwdriver tip

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Part Number
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37-1409 Trituner
52-444 Slot Tuner

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Updated: February 21, 2020