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Magnetics for Texas Instruments ICs

Texas Instruments IC Coilcraft part number
LM5118 4-switch Buck-Boost Controller NA5766-AL Power Inductor with Aux Winding
LM5022 Flyback Design UA7962-AL PoE Transformer (Reference design PMP20058)
LM5030 100 V Current Mode PWM Controller Planar Transformers and Choke Inductors
LM5122 Synchronous Flyback Controller PA6605-AL Planar transformer
LM5160 Flybuck Reference Design LPD8035V-333 Coupled Inductor (Reference design PMP15005)
LM5160 Flybuck Reference Design TA7848-AE Coupled Inductor (Reference design PMP10733)
PMP30227 Isolated Power Supply WA8417-AL Fly-Buck™ Transformer
SIMPLE SWITCHER® Magnetics for SIMPLE SWITCHER® switching regulators
SN6501 Transformer Driver MA5632-AL Isolation Transformer
TPS2375x PoE Interface and DC/DC Converters JA4456-D Flyback Transformer
TPS2370 PoE PD Controller C1453-AL Flyback Transformer (Reference design PMP717)
TPS2370 PoE PD Controller C1173 / 74-AL Flyback Transformer (Reference design PMP929)
TPS2370 PoE PD Controller POE13F-12Isolated, Synchronous Flyback (PMP940)
TPS23751 and TPS23752 PD Controllers NA5730-AL Flyback Transformer
TPS23753 PoE PD Controller POE70P-50L / POE70P-33L TPS23753EVM-001 Evaluation Board
TPS23753 PoE PD Controller HA3801-BL & HA3803-BL TPS23753AEVM-004: Evaluation Module
TPS23753A (PMP8896) PoE Flyback Converter NA6223-AL Flyback Transformer
TPS23753A PoE Flyback Converter PA6340-AL, PA6595-AL Flyback Transformers
TPS23754 PoE Interface and DC/DC Controller ETH1-230, POE300F-50 TPS23754EVM-420 Evaluation Board
TPS23754 PWM Controller WA8515-AL Forward Mode Transformer
TPS23757 PoE Interface and DC/DC Controller C1174-AL TPS23757EVM: Evaluation Module
TPS23861 PSE controller PA6582-AL (Reference Design PMP20588)
TPS2376-H PoE High Power PD Controller ETH1-230 PoE Module (Reference Design SLVU188)
TPS55340 DC-DC Regulator NA5889-AL Flyback Transformer
TPS61046 Boost Converter CX9721-AL Flyback Transformer
TPS68000 full bridge CCFL Controller FA2786 CCFL Transformer (VM-202 reference design)
UCC25230 Switching Converter MA5401-AE Flyback/Buck Transformer
UCC25600D Resonant Mode Controller HA3858-AL Gate Drive Transformer (Reference design SLUU341)
UCC2809 Primary Side Controller GA3136-BL Flyback Transformer
UCC2813D-4 Flyback Converter HA3950-AL Flyback Transformer (Reference design SLUU341)
UCC28600 Green Mode Controller FA2443-AL and HA4018-AL Flyback Transformers
UCC3580 PWM Controllers B0392 / B0434 Planar Magnetics
UCD3K Digital Power Controller GA3544-BL Flyback Transformer
TIDA-01505 Supporting Regenerative Braking WA8759-AL Flyback Transformer

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