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Social Responsibility Policies

All Coilcraft facilities adhere to our Social Responsibility System which is compliant to RBA (Responsible Business Alliance) standards.

Click the headings below for a copy of Coilcraft's policy for each topic.

LABOR   Freely chosen employment, avoidance of child labor, working hours, wages and benefits, humane treatment, non-discrimination and freedom of association.

HEALTH & SAFETY   Occupational safety, emergency preparedness, occupational injury and illness, industrial hygiene, physically demanding work, machine safeguarding and sanitation, food and housing.

ENVIRONMENTAL   Environmental permits and reporting, pollution prevention and resource reduction, hazardous substances, wastewater and solid waste, air emissions and product content restrictions.

ETHICS   Business integrity, no improper advantage, disclosure of information, intellectual property, fair business, bribery, advertising and completion, protection of identity, responsible sourcing of materials, privacy and non-retaliation.

ANTI-BRIBERY & ANTI-CORRUPTION STATEMENT   Business activites, countering bribery and corruption laws, legal responsibilities, counter bribery, prevention, identification/detection of issues, training, risk assessments, policies and processes, confidentially, non-retaliation, investigation, remediation, alignment with Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) standards.


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Updated: June 11, 2018