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Coilcraft’s Conversion to RoHS

Most Coilcraft parts can now be ordered in an RoHS-compliant version. Many are available off the shelf; others may currently have a lead time. Here is an explanation of how we are handling the conversion for various types of products.

Parts that have always been RoHS-compliant

     Part numbers have been changed; the products are unaltered

     The new part numbers contain the letter “L” to indicate RoHS compliance

     Old part numbers should no longer be used

RoHS status of
product families

Many product families never contained any banned substances and have always complied with RoHS regulations. We have changed the part numbers of these components, using the letter “L” in one of the last two positions to positively identify the parts as RoHS-compliant.

After August 1, 2005, only the new part numbers are being used.

It is important to remember that only the part numbers were changed; these parts have always been RoHS-compliant and no changes were made to their construction.

Parts that were changed to make them RoHS-compliant

  The new part numbers contain the letter “L” to indicate RoHS compliance

     Non-compliant versions were phased out after August 1, 2005

     Old parts will be available only until inventory is depleted

Some product families required changes to their construction to make them RoHS-compliant. These new RoHS versions are available now. Coilcraft phased out the old versions after August 1, 2005.

The part numbers for these new compliant products contain the letter “L” as one of the last two characters. Since August 1, Coilcraft has produced and stocked only the RoHS-compliant versions of these products. The old non-compliant parts will be available until our inventory is depleted.

Parts that will not be made RoHS-compliant
For some current Coilcraft products, there are no current plans to have an RoHS-compliant alternative. These parts will continue to be produced as long as there is demand.

Customer part numbers
Customers can decide whether they wish to issue new part numbers for RoHS-compliant parts, but they will have to change their internal cross-references to Coilcraft numbers.

For more information
If you have additional questions regarding any of these issues, please send them to
[email protected]. RoHS survey forms or questionnaires should be sent to [email protected].


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