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Coilcraft offers toroidal inductors and transformers for a variety of applications. If these parts do not meet your requirements, use the Inductor Finder above or search our Other Related Products below.
Power Chokes Common Mode Chokes
SPT Series SMT  (1.1 µH/12.2 A – 2 mH/0.41 A) CMT Series  (0.3 mH/15 A – 125 mH/1  A)
GA3252-AL  SMT  (12 µH/13 A) P32xx Series  (0.275 mH/13 A – 10.8 mH/1.3A)
DMT Series  (7 µH/12 A  – 1.4 mH/1.5 A)  
HCT Series  (1.24 µH/15 A)   EMI Filters
  DLF Series  8, 4, 3 and 2 wire
Class D Power Filter Inductors   CCDLF Series  Data Line EMI Filters
MA5172-AE  (10 µH/45 A)   TRF  Tip and Ring Common Mode Filters
MA5173-AE  (7 µH/54 A)   PTRF  Tip and Ring Mode Filters
ED0006  (20 µH/36 A)   TTDLF  Data Line Filters
Power Transformers Wideband Transformers
Q3903-AL  1:1 x3 TTWB Series
  PWB Series
Saturable Reactor Coils  
G642x  Mag Amp Toroids    
 Other Related Products
SMT Power Inductors
Through-Hole Inductors
Inductors for Class D Applications
Common Mode Line Chokes

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