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Flyback Transformers

If your selected chipset is not listed here, try our Flyback Transformer Selector to pick the best flyback transformer for your application.

For Akros
AS1113  13 W 802.3af/at PoE PD controller (HA3585-BL, HA3586-BL)
AS1135  30 W 802.3af/at PoE PD controller (GA3568-DL, HA3809-AL)
AS1824/34  3.3 V, 13 W Digital Power PoE controller (POE13P-33)
AS1824/34  5 V, 13 W Digital Power PoE controller (POE13P-50)
AS1844/54  3.3 V, 30 W Digital Power PoE controller (POE300F-33)
AS1844/54  5 V, 30 W Digital Power PoE controller (POE300F-50)
For Cymbet
CBC-EVAL-09 Universal Energy Harvester Evaluation Kit (KA4947-AE)
For Intersil
ISL6401 family (IFLY0012L)
For Linear Technology
LTC3108/9 Ultralow Voltage Step-Up Converter (LPR6235)
LT3751 Capacitor Charger Controller (HA3994-AL)
LT1725 Flyback Controller – 15 V output (A9967-AL)
LT1725 Flyback Controller – 5 V output (C1048-AL)
LT3573 Isolated Flyback Converter, 20 – 28 V in, 3.3 V out (GA3429-BL)
LT3751 Capacitor Charger (500 V) (GA3459, GA3460)
LT3751 Capacitor Charger (300 V) (DA2032, DA2033, DA2034)
LT3799 Isolated LED Controller (JA4429-AL)
  LT8584 Isolated Monolithic Active Cell Balancer (NA5743-AL, NA6252-AL, NA5920-AL)
For Maxim
Max16801 HB LED Driver (GA3502-BL)
MAX17497A/B Peak-Current Mode Converters (CR8076-AL)
MAX17498B AC-DC and DC-DC Peak-Current Mode Converters (MA5237-EL)
MAX17595 Flyback Controller (MA5475-AL)
NEW! MAX17690 / MAXREFDES1226 Flyback Transformer (YA9280-AL)
MAX5941A PoE Interface/PWM Controller (C1099-AL)
MAX5941A PoE Interface/PWM Controller (C1154-BL)
MAX5941B PoE Interface/PWM Controller (GA3271-AL)
For Micrel
MIC38C4x PWM Controller (U6939-C)
For Microchip Technology
Flyback Transformers for Microchip Grid-Connected Solar Microinverter (JA4635-AL, KA4823-CL)
Flyback Transformers for Microchip AN1444 Grid-Connected Solar Microinverter (NA5814-AL, NA5919-AL)
PIC16HV785 CMOS Microcontroller for AC LED applications (GA3172-AL)
For Microsemi / Microchip
UC3844 Current Mode Controller (HA3905-CL)
For NXP Semiconductor
SSL2103 SMPS Controller for dimmable LED lighting (MA5157-AL)
For ON Semiconductor
NCP1027 Standby Power Supply (DA2077-AL)
NCP101x Self-Supplied Monolithic Switcher (A9619-C, B0570-B)
NCP1030 Power Converter (B0226-EL)
NCP1200 PWM Current-Mode Controller (Y8844-AL, Y8848-AL, Z9007-BL, Z9260-AL)
NCP1236 Fixed Frequency PWM Controller (KA5038-BL)
NCP1351 PWM Controller (GA0007-AL)
NCP1606 PFC Controller (GA3366-BL)
NCP5080 Photoflash Capacitor Charger (CJ5143-AL)
For Silicon Labs
NEW! Si3402 PD Controller (JA4641-AL)
Isolated DC-DC Converter (TA7608-AL)
Isolated DC-DC Converter (TA7618-AL)
Isolated DC-DC Converter (TA7788-AL)
Isolated DC-DC Converter (UA7902-AL)
For STMicroelectronics
PM8800 PoE Device Controller (FA2706-BL, FA2707-BL)
PM8803 PoE Plus Device Controller (HA3691-AL, JA4173-AL)
STEVAL-ILL055V1 offline LED drive design (PA6284-AL)
STEVAL-POE00xV1 (PM8804 & PM8805) PoE PD Controller(NA6083-BLD)
STLC3075, STLC3085 (FA2469-AL, FA2470-AL)
For Texas Instruments
LM5000 High Voltage Switch Mode Regulator (A0009-AL)
LM5001 Switch Mode Regulator (FA2636-AL)
LM5015 Two-Switch DC-DC Regulator (GA3372-AL)
LM5020 PWM Controller (B0695-AL)
LM5022 Current Mode PWM Controller (PA6582-AL)
Fly-Buck Transformer for TI PMP30227 Isolated Power Supply (WA8417-AL)
TPS23750 (PMP929) – Isolated, Synchronous Flyback (C1173-AL, C1174-AL)
TPS2375 (PMP717) – Isolated, Non-synchronous Flyback PoE/PD (C1453-AL)
TPS2375 (PMP940) – Isolated, Synchronous Flyback (POE13F-12)
    TPS23751 and TPS23752 PD Controllers (NA5730-AL)
    TPS23753A (PMP8896) PoE Flyback Converter (NA6223-AL)
    TPS2375x PoE Interface and DC/DC Converters (JA4456-DL)
TPS23753 PoE Interface (HA3801-BL – HA3803-BL)
TPS23753A IEEE 802.3-2005 PoE Interface (NA6223-AL)
TPS23753A IEEE 802.3-2005 PoE Interface (PA6340-AL)
NEW! TPS23753A IEEE 802.3-2005 PoE Interface (PA6595-AL)
TPS23754 PoE Interface (JA4372-AL, JA4387-AL)
    TPS23756 (PMP6659) 15 W PoE Converter (MA5281-BL)
TPS55340 Boost/SEPIC/Flyback DC-DC Regulator (NA5889-AL)
UCC25230 Switching Converter (MA5401-AE)
UCC2809 Primary Side Controller (GA3136-BL)
UCC28600 Green Mode Controller (HA4018-AL)
UCC28600 Green Mode Controller  (FA2443-AL)
UCD3K Digital Power Controller  (GA3544-BL)
Can these transformers be used in different applications or topologies?

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