Designer's Kit, DC1012 power inductors, RoHS

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Coilcraft P410 information

Coilcraft is the original manufacturer of P410, Designer's Kit, DC1012 power inductors, RoHS. You can buy this product directly from Coilcraft at http://buy.coilcraft.com.

When you buy Coilcraft P410 directly from the manufacturer, you know that the product will be new, unused, and RoHS compliant. Some companies claim to be a Coilcraft distributor. Brokers and unauthorized distributors are selling previously owned or counterfeit P410 parts. There are NO authorized Coilcraft distributors in the US.

We carry Coilcraft P410 in stock. Do not buy from a fake Coilcraft disty. There are NO franchised Coilcraft distributors in the US.

P410 is also known as P41 P4 P P410 P41 P4 P