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Cross Reference Guide –
Old to New PCV Series Part Numbers

In 1994, the part numbers for our PCV Series of inductors were reorganized. These tables will help you cross an old part number to the new one.

Series pages: PCV-0 Series   PCV-1 Series   PCV-2 Series

PCV-0-001-10 PCV-0-102-10L
PCV-0-001-25 PCV-0-102-25L
PCV-0-0033-10 PCV-0-332-10L
PCV-0-005-03 PCV-0-472-03L
PCV-0-005-05 PCV-0-472-05L
PCV-0-005-10 PCV-0-472-10L
PCV-0-005-20 PCV-0-472-20L
PCV-0-010-03 PCV-0-103-03L
PCV-0-010-05 PCV-0-103-05L
PCV-0-010-10 PCV-0-103-10L
PCV-0-010-20 PCV-0-103-20L
PCV-0-015-03 PCV-0-153-03L
PCV-0-015-10 PCV-0-153-10L
PCV-0-025-03 PCV-0-223-03L
PCV-0-025-05 PCV-0-223-05L
PCV-0-025-10 PCV-0-223-10L
PCV-0-030-05 PCV-0-273-05L
PCV-0-035-12 PCV-0-333-12L
PCV-0-050-03 PCV-0-473-03L
PCV-0-050-05 PCV-0-473-05L
PCV-0-050-10 PCV-0-473-10L
PCV-0-082-03 PCV-0-823-03L
PCV-0-100-01 PCV-0-104-01L
PCV-0-100-03 PCV-0-104-03L
PCV-0-100-05 PCV-0-104-05L
PCV-0-150-03 PCV-0-154-03L
PCV-0-150-05 PCV-0-154-05L
PCV-0-180-05 PCV-0-184-05L
PCV-0-220-03 PCV-0-224-03L
PCV-0-300-04 PCV-0-274-04L
PCV-0-300-10 PCV-0-274-10L
PCV-0-400-03 PCV-0-394-03L
PCV-0-400-05 PCV-0-394-05L
PCV-1-0015-15 PCV-1-152-15L
PCV-1-0018-10 PCV-1-182-10L
PCV-1-0018-15 PCV-1-182-15L
PCV-1-005-03 PCV-1-472-03L
PCV-1-005-05 PCV-1-472-05L
PCV-1-005-10 PCV-1-472-10L
PCV-1-010-03 PCV-1-103-03L
PCV-1-010-05 PCV-1-103-05L
PCV-1-010-10 PCV-1-103-10L
PCV-1-015-10 PCV-1-153-10L
PCV-1-025-03 PCV-1-223-03L
PCV-1-025-05 PCV-1-223-05L
PCV-1-025-10 PCV-1-223-10L
PCV-1-050-03 PCV-1-473-03L
PCV-1-050-05 PCV-1-473-05L
PCV-1-050-10 PCV-1-473-10L
PCV-1-100-03 PCV-1-104-03L
PCV-1-100-05 PCV-1-104-05L
PCV-1-180-03 PCV-1-184-03L
PCV-1-300-05 PCV-1-304-05L
PCV-1-400-05 PCV-1-394-05L
PCV-2-010-05 PCV-2-103-05L
PCV-2-010-10 PCV-2-103-10L
PCV-2-025-05 PCV-2-223-05L
PCV-2-025-10 PCV-2-223-10L
PCV-2-050-05 PCV-2-473-05L
PCV-2-050-10 PCV-2-473-10L
PCV-2-100-03 PCV-2-104-03L
PCV-2-100-05 PCV-2-104-05L
PCV-2-100-10 PCV-2-104-10L
PCV-2-180-05 PCV-2-184-05L
PCV-2-200-10 PCV-2-184-10L
PCV-2-250-05 PCV-2-224-05L
PCV-2-300-03 PCV-2-274-03L
PCV-2-300-05 PCV-2-274-05L
PCV-2-300-10 PCV-2-274-10L
PCV-2-400-05 PCV-2-394-05L
PCV-2-560-02 PCV-2-564-02L
PCV-2-600-06 PCV-2-564-06L
PCV-2-600-08 PCV-2-564-08L
PCV-2-680-01 PCV-2-684-01L
PCV-2-1000-02 PCV-2-105-02L
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