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Magnetics for ON Semiconductor ICs

ON Semiconductor IC Coilcraft part number
MBRD1035CTL U6904-A SMD inductor
MC33163P L0451-AL power choke
MC33166T M1496-A power choke
MC33261 N2880-AL, N2881-AL power factor controller transformers
MC33262 N2880-AL, N2881-AL power factor controller transformers
MC33362 S5069-A, S5502-A, S5088-A converter transformers and filter choke
MC33363 S5069-A converter transformers and filter choke
MC33363A U6875-A converter transformer
MC33368 N2880-AL, N2881-AL power transformers
MC33374 W7422-A W7518-C flyback transformers
MC33470 U6904-A SMD inductor
MC34163P L0451-AL power choke
MC34166T M1496-A power choke
MC34261 N2880-AL, N2881-AL power transformers
MC34262 N2880-AL, N2881-AL power transformers
MMSF3300 U6904-A SMD inductor
NCP1030 B0226-EL flyback transformer
NCP101x A9619-CL, B0570-BL flyback transformers
NCP1027 DA2077-AL flyback transformer
NCP1072 MA5597-AL flyback transformer
NCP1200 Y8844-AL, Y8848-AL, Z9007-BL, Z9260-AL transformers
NCP1216A C0972-AL, B0754-AL transformer and inductor
NCP1652 & NCP4302 DA2009-AL gate drive transformer
NCP1653 C1061-AL, C1062-BL Power Factor Controller coils

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Updated: April 16, 2018