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Coilcraft offers a wide range of 240 nHenry inductors. These include RF inductors, power inductors, high Q inductors, chokes, chocks, chip, surface mount, SM, SMT, SMD inductors, ROHS and halogen free coils. These 240 n inductors are available shielded and unshielded, fixed, variable tunable or tuneable, air inductor, air coil, air wound, air core, airwound, aircore, wirewound, wire wound, low profile and high current, leaded and through hole. You can buy or order directly from Coilcraft, we do not sell through unauthorized distributors or brokers.
In other languages, this is known as a 240 nHn indutor, 240 nH induktivitat induktivität, 240 nH speicherdrossel, 240 nH インダクタ, 240 nH induktor, 240 nH induttori, 240 nH induktör, 240 nH spulen, 240 nH induktoren, 240 nH drosselspulen, 240 nH induktorspulen, 240 nH 电感器