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Designer's Kits

Simplify your prototyping with our low-cost Designer's Kits. Most kits contain several pieces of every standard value in a product family. We even provide free refills!

Power inductor kits SMD Thru hole
Power/PoE transformer kits SMD  
Current sensor kits SMD Thru hole
RF inductor kits SMD Thru hole
Air core Spring inductor kits SMD  
RF transformer kits SMD  
RFID transponder coil kit SMD  
EMI / RFI filter kits SMD Thru hole
Quantity discounts
Save 10% on 3 kits, 20% on 5, 30% when you buy 7 or more kits.

 EMI Filters

Data Line Common Mode Chokes
Attenuation: 15 dBm, 1.5 - 300 MHz
DC current capacity: 100, 500 mA
2, 3, 4, 8, 10 line
Surface mount and Thru hole
17 values (4 of each) CONTENTS
Kit D303 $75 

USB 3.x / 2.0 Common Mode Chokes
0603USB, 0805USB, 0805USBF, 0805USBN,
and 1206USB series
39 values (10 of each) CONTENTS
Kit C470 $110 

Power Line Common Mode Chokes
Inductance: 731 µH - 10.5 mH
Current: 8.1 - 0.25 Amps rms
8 styles (14 total pieces) CONTENTS
Kit P402 $100 

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