Junction temperature
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Junction temperature

Theta JA, Theta JC, Rja and Rjb are terms applicable only to active devices, such as integrated circuits. Inductors are passive components and do not contain semiconductor material junctions. Since there is no junction of semiconductor materials in our components, Theta JA and Theta JC are not applicable.

Thermal Resistance

Thermal resistance is not typically specified for inductors because inductors are rated by current and not by power. You can approximate it by dividing the temperature rise due to Irms current (e.g. 40°C rise) by the DCR times the square of the Irms rating:
Rth (in °C/W) = 40°C ÷ (DCR × Irms2) where DCR is in Ohms and Irms is in amps.

Temperature coefficient of inductance (TCL)

TCL is the change of inductance of a coil due to a change in temperature. Coilcraft specifies TCL for our chip, power chip and air core inductors. For details, refer to each product's data page.

Temperature coefficient of expansion (TCE)

TCE is the change in dimension of a part due to a change in temperature. Coilcraft specifies TCE for our chip and power chip inductors as 6.7 ppm/°C (typical).


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Updated: April 16, 2018