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North America version Molded Power Inductors (XEL, XAL, XFL, XGL) SMT Power Inductor Selection Guide
Europe version Coupled Power Inductors SLC / SLR Selection Guide
Asia version Automotive Products AEC-Q200 Selection Guide
Product data sheets
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0201AF Chip Inductors
0201DS Chip Inductors
0201HL Chip Inductors
026011C Chip Inductors
026011F Chip Inductors
0302CS Chip Inductors
0402AF Chip Inductors
0402CS Chip Inductors
0402CT Chip Inductors
0402DC Chip Inductors
0402DF Chip Inductors
0402FL Chip Inductors
0402HL Chip Inductors
0402HP Chip Inductors
0402ME Chip Inductors
0402PA Chip Inductors
0403HQ Chip Inductors
0603AF Chip Inductors
0603CS Chip Inductors
0603CT Chip Inductors
0603DC Chip Inductors
0603HC Chip Inductors
0603HL Chip Inductors
0603HP Chip Inductors
0603LS Chip Inductors
0603ME Chip Inductors
0603PS Power Chip Inductors
0604HQ Chip Inductors
0603USB Common Mode Filters
0805AF Chip Inductors
0805CS Chip Inductors
0805HP Chip Inductors
0805HQ Chip Inductors
0805HS Chip Inductors
0805HT Chip Inductors
0805LS Chip Inductors
0805PS Power Chip Inductors
0805USB Common Mode Filters
0805USBF Common Mode Filters
0805USBN Common Mode Filters
0806SQ, 0807SQ Air Core Inductor
0906-x Micro Spring
0908SQ Square Air Core Inductor


1008AF Ferrite Chip Inductors
1008CS Chip Inductors
1008CT Chip Inductors
1008HQ Chip Inductors
1008HS Chip Inductors
1008HT Chip Inductors
1008LS Chip Inductors
1008PS Power Chip Inductors
1010VS Power Air Core Inductors
1111SQ Square Air Core Inductors
1205POC Power Injection Chokes for PoC
1206CS Chip Inductors
1206USB Common Mode Filters
1210POC Power Injection Chokes for PoC
1212VS Power Air Core Inductors
132 Fixed RF Inductors
132-xxSM Maxi Spring
142/143/144 10mm Tunable Coils
146/150 7mm Tunable RF Inductors
148 Tunable RF Inductors
1508 Low Profile Mini Spring
1512SP/2712SP Mini Air Core Inductors
1515SQ Square Air Core Inductors
164/165 5mm Tunable RF Inductor
1606-x Micro Spring
1812CAN Common Mode Choke
1812CS Chip Inductors
1812DPS Coupled Inductors for xDSL
1812FS High L Filter Inductors
1812LS Chip Inductors
1812PS Power Chip Inductors
1812SMS Midi Spring
1812WBT Wide Band RF Transformer


2014VS Power Air Core Inductors
2222SQ Square Air Core Inductors
2508 Low Profile Mini Spring
2929SQ Square Air Core Inductors


37-1409 TriTuner Tuning Tool
37-2182 Slot Tuner Tuning Tool


4308RV RFID Transponder Coils
4308TCRFID Transponder Coils
4310LC Wideband Bias Chokes
4312RV RFID Transponder
4513TC RFID Transponder


5315TC RFID Transponder Coils


7M2/3 Slot Seven Tunable Inductors


90 Series Axial Lead Chokes


A0009-AL Flyback Transformer
A0027-AL Planar Transformer
A0152-AL Planar Transformer for TI
A0153-AL Choke inductor for TI
A0xT Mini Spring
A9619-CL Transformer for ON Semi
A9784-BL Planar Transformer for TI
A9785-BL Choke inductor for TI
A9786-AL Planar Transformer
A9787-AL Planar Inductor
A9806-A Low-Pass Inductor
A9807-A ADSL Transformer
A9845-AL Planar Transformer
A9860-B Flat wire inductor
A9899-A SM Wideband RF Transformer
A9900-A SM Wideband RF Transformer
A9967-AL SMT Power Transformer
AA1030-AL Planar Transformer for SiLabs
AGP2923 TH Power Inductors
AGM2222 TH Shielded Power Inductors
AGP4233 TH Power Inductors

ASxxxx Transformers
7787 8330 8343 8344
8345 8346 8397 8424
8425 8426 8446 8456
8578 8579 8696 8697
8886 8908 8923 8924
8925 8952 8954 9006

AXL-A Test Fixture

BxxT Mini Spring
B0226-EL Flyback Transformer
B0233, B07x9VDSLXfmr for Ikanos
B0310-AL Planar Xfmr for TI
B0357-BL, B0358-CL Planar Magnetics
B0392-AL Planar Transformer
B0414-AL Choke inductor for TI
B0434-AL Planar Inductor
B0570-BL Flyback Xfmr for NCP101X
B0695-AL Flyback Xfmr for TI
B0709-B VDSL Xfmr for Ikanos
B0726-EL Transformer for Broadcom
B0727-B Transformer for Broadcom
B0749-B VDSL Xfmr for Ikanos
B0754-AL Inductor for ON NCP1216A
B0853-AL Planar for TI LM5033
B0860-CL Planar Xfmr for Maxim
B0863-BL SMT PoE Transformer
BCL Broadband Conical Inductors
BCR Broadband Conical Inductors
BCS Broadband Conical Inductors
BU Common Mode Chokes


C0971-A VDSL Transformer for Ikanos
C0972-AL Xfmr for ON NCP1216A
C0984-CL Transformer for Maxim
C1023-AL PoE Xfmr for TI LM5070
C1048-AL Transformer for LTC
C1061-AL PFC Coil for NCP1653
C1062-BL PFC Coil for NCP1653
C1099-AL PoE Transformer for Maxim
C1154-BL PoE Xfmr for MAX5941A
C1173-AL PoE Xfmr for TI TPS23750
C1174-AL PoE Xfmr for TI TPS23750
C1350-AL ADSL Xfmr for Broadcom
C1453-AL PoE Xfmr for TI PMP717
C1495-AL 13 W PoE Xfmr for LM5070
C1539-AL Planar Xfmr for LM5032
C1585-AL 13 W PoE Xfmr for LM5070
C1586-AL 13 W PoE Xfmr for LM5070
C1587-AL 7 W PoE Xfmr for TI
C1588-AL 7 W PoE Xfmr for TI
C1589-AL 7 W PoE Xfmr for TI
C1590-AL 3 W PoE Xfmr for TI
C1591-AL 3 W PoE Xfmr for TI
C1592-AL 3 W PoE Xfmr for TI
CCDLF 10000 Data Line EMI Filters
CD1479-AL SMT Common Mode Choke
CD1480-BL SMT Common Mode Choke
CDF 8x00 Data Line EMI Filters
CE1755-AL SMT Common Mode Choke
CE1759-AL SMT Common Mode Choke
CE2439L SMT Common Mode Choke
CF2638L SMT Common Mode Choke
CF2805-AL SMT Common Mode Choke
CF3094-AL SMT Common Mode Choke
CG3333-AL SMT Common Mode Choke
CG3528-AL SMT Common Mode Choke
CG3885-AL SMT Common Mode Choke
CH4659-AL SMT Common Mode Choke
CJ5094-CL SMT Common Mode Choke
CJ5100-AL SMT Data Line Filter
CJ5143-AL Flyback for ON NCP5080
CM1394 EMI Filter
CM6518-AL SMT Common Mode Choke
CMH / CMV Capabilities for High-Load
CMT Common Mode Chokes
CP-H0114-C SMT Telecoil
CQ7584-AL SMT Data Line Filter
CR7856-AL SMT Data Line Filter
CR7983 -85-AL Transformers for ADI
CR7915-AL SMT Common Mode Choke
CR8076-AL Flyback Xfmr for Maxim
CS1xxx Current Sensors
CS2106 Current Transformer
CS4xxxV Current Sense Transformer
CS60-010 Current Sensor
CS60-xxx 50/60Hz Current Sensors
CST1/2 Current Sense Transformers
CST1211 Current Sense Transformers
CST2010 Current Sense Transformers
CST2020 Current Sense Transformers
CST4835 Current Sense Transformers
CST7030 Current Sense Transformers
CU8758-AL Flyback transf for MAX17597
CU8838-AL SMT Power Inductor
CV9052-AL Gate dribe transf for LTC
CU8965-AL SMT Current Sensor
CV9172-AL SMT Common Mode Choke
CX9628-AL Flyback transf for MP8007
CX9629-AL Flyback transf for MP8007
CX9642-AL PoE transformer for Si34061
CX9649-AL Flyback transf for MP8007

CX9721-AL Flyback transf forTI TPS61046


D1766-AL PoE Transformer LTC4267
D1787-AL Inductor for TI LM5115
D18xx Current Sensors
DA2025-AL Planar Transformer for TI
DA2032-AL Flyback for LT3750
DA2033-AL Flyback for LT3750
DA2034-AL Flyback for LT3750
DA2062-AL PoE Trans for PI DPA423G
DA2077-AL Xfmr for ON NCP1027
DA2099-AL Gate Drive for ON NCP1652
DA2257-AL PoE Xfmr for LM5071
DA2303-AL Xfmr for ON ADM2485
DA2304-AL Xfmr for ON ADM2485
DA2317-AL Gate Drive Transformer
DA2318-AL Gate Drive Transformer
DA2319-AL Gate Drive Transformer
DA2320-AL Gate Drive Transformer
DA2362-AL PoE Xfmr for MC34670
DA2383-AL PoE Xfmr for LM5071
DA2420-AL PoE Xfmr for STE12PS
DA2421-AL PoE Xfmr for STE12PS
DC1012 Power Inductors
DFT4532 Data Line EMI Filters
DFT7160 Data Line EMI Filters
Designers Kits
DH3316P SMT Power Inductors
DLF Data Line EMI Filters - Leaded
DLFC RS-232 EMI Filter Modules
DMT Output Power Chokes
DO1605T SMT Power Inductors
DO1606T SMT Power Inductors
DO1607B SMT Backlight Inductors
DO1607C SMT Power Inductors
DO1608C SMT Power Inductors
DO1813H SMT Power Inductors
DO2010 SMT Power Inductors
DO3308P SMT Power Inductors
DO3314 SMT Power Inductors
DO3316P SMT Power Inductors
DO3316H SMT Power Inductors
DO3316T SMT Power Inductors
DO3340H SMT Power Inductors
DO3340P SMT Power Inductors
DO5010H SMT Power Inductors
DO5022P SMT Power Inductors
DO5022H SMT Power Inductors
DO5040H SMT Power Inductors
DPX42xx Diplex Filters
DR0608 Power Inductors
DR0810 Power Inductors
DS1608B SMT Backlight Inductors
DS1608C SMT Power Inductors
DS3316P SMT Power Inductors
DS5022P SMT Power Inductors
DT1608C SMT Power Inductors
DT3316P SMT Power Inductors
DW3316 Coupled DSL Inductor

E3xxx-AL CM Line Chokes
EB0057-DL PFC Choke for ST L6562
ED0006-AL Power Filter Inductor
EPL2010 SMT Power Inductors
EPL2014 SMT Power Inductors
EPL3010 SMT Power Inductors
EPL3012 SMT Power Inductors
EPL3015 SMT Power Inductors
ETH1-230 PoE Plus Magnetics
ETH1-460 PoE Plus Magnetics


F55xx-AL CM Line Chokes
FA2443-AL Xfmr for TI UCC28600
FA2469-AL Xfmr for ST STLC3085
FA2470-AL Xfmr for ST STLC3085
FA2519-AL PoE Xfmr for LM5072
FA2536-AL Mid Span PoE Plus
FA2636-AL Xfmr for TI LM5001
FA2659-AL Gate Drive Transformer
FA2671-AL PoE Transformer for Si3402
FA2672-AL PoE Transformer for Si3402
FA2677-AL PoE Xfmr for LM5072
FA2706-BL Flyback Xfmr for ST PM8800
FA2707-BL Flyback Xfmr for ST PM8800
FA2732-AL PoE Transformer for Si3402
FA2786-AL CCFL Xfmr for TI
FA2805-CL PoE Xfmr for Si3401/3402
FA2890-AL PFC Boost Inductor
FA2898-AL PoE Xfmr for LM5072
FA2899-AL PoE Xfmr for LM5072
FA2900-AL PoE Xfmr for LM5072
FA2901-AL PoE Xfmr for LM5072
FA2924-AL PoE Xfmr for Si3401/3402
FA2925-AL PoE Xfmr for Si3401/3402
FCT1-xxD3SL Forward Transformers
FCT1-xxK2SL Forward Transformer
FCT1-xxL2SL Forward Transformer
FCT1-xxM22SL Forward Transformer
FCT1-xxM2SL Forward Transformer
FL CCFL Transformers


G6252-AL Common Mode Line Choke
G642x-A Mag Amp Toroids
GA0007-AL Flyback Xfmr for NCP1351
GA2972-AL SMT PFC Boost Inductor
GA3092  — 3095-AL Air Core Inductors
GA3136-BL Flyback for TI UCC2809
GA3157-AL Transformers for ADI
GA3172-AL Transformer for Microchip
GA3199-AL Power Inductor for ON
GA3250-BE SMT Coupled Inductor
GA3252-AL SMT Power Inductor
GA3271-ALFlyback Xfmr for MAX5941B
GA3291-AL Forward Xfmr for Akros
GA3366-BL Flyback for ON NCP1606
GA3372-AL Flyback for TI LM5015
GA3382-BL Inductor for TI LM25037
GA3416-CL Class D Dual Inductor
GA3429-BL Flyback Trans for LT
GA3430  — 3431-BL Flyback Trans for LT
GA3459 3460 Flyback Trans for Linear
GA3502-BL Flyback Trans for Maxim
GA3544-BL Flyback Transformer for TI
GA3550-BL Gate Drive  Transformer for TI
GA3568-DL Flyback Transformer for Akros



H2xxxx HDSL2 transformers
7649 7650 7695 8159
8160 8161 8223 8224

H701x-AL CM Line Chokes
HA3585  — HA3586-BLFlybacks for Akros
HA3588-BL Vertical Mount Power Inductor
HA3648-BL Planar Trans for TI LM5037
HA3691-AL Flyback Trans for ST PM8803
HA3778-AL Inductor for TI LM315x
HA3801-AL Flyback Trans for TI
HA3802-AL Flyback Trans for TI
HA3803-AL Flyback Trans for TI
HA3808-AL Inductor for TI TPS6211X
HA3809-DL Flyback Transformer for Akros
HA3858-AL Gate Drive Transformer
HA3905-CL Flyback Trans for Microsemi
HA3950-AL Flyback Transformer
HA3994-AL Flyback Trans for LT3751
HA4000-AL Planar Trans for TI LM5027
HA4018-AL Flyback Trans for UCC28600
HA4060-AL Flyback Trans for LT3751
HA4031-AL  — HA4036-AL Chip Inductors
HA4061-AL Flyback Trans for LT3751
HA4158-BL Class D Dual Inductor
HCT Toroidal Power Inductors

HDxxxx HDSL transformers
6788 6789 6790 6791
6792 6793

HPx-xxxx Multi-winding magnetics
HPF2187L Common mode choke
HPHx-xxxx Multi-winding magnetics
HPX2126L Common mode choke


IFLY0012 Flyback transformers


JA4173-AL Flyback Trans for ST PM8803
JA4220-AL Wideband transformer
PFC boost inductor
JA4249-CL Forward Mode Transformer
JA4309-AL Planar Trans for TI
JA4372-AL Flyback Trans for TI
JA4387-AL Flyback Trans for TI
JA4429-AL Flyback Trans for LT3799
JA4456-DL Flyback Trans for TI TPS23752
JA4487/88-AL Power Inductor for TI
JA4590-AL Coupled Inductor for TI
JA4631-BL Isolation Transformer for ADI
JA4635-AL Flyback Trans for Microchip
JA4637-AL Coupled Inductor
JA4641-AL Flyback Transformer for SiLabs
JA4650-BL Isolation Transformer for ADI
JA4667-AL Forward Mode Transformer


KA4823-CL Flyback Trans for Microchip
KA4909-AL Bias Injection Choke
KA4947-AE Flyback Xfmr for Cymbet
KA4976-AL Isolation Transformer for ADI
KA5037-BL Flyback for NCP4305FBDAP

KA5038-BL Flyback for ON NCP1236


LCxDSL xDSL filter modules
LPD3015 Coupled Inductors
LPD4012 Coupled Inductors
LPD5010 Coupled Inductors
LPD5030 Coupled Inductors
LPD5030V Miniature Transformer
LPD6235 Coupled Inductors
LPD8035V Miniature Transformer
LPH8045-223 SMT Power Inductor
LPH8045 SMT Power Inductor
LPHR8045-223 SMT Coupled Inductor
LPO1704 SMT Power Inductors
LPO2506 SMT Power Inductors
LPO3010 SMT Power Inductors
LPO3310 SMT Power Inductors
LPO4812 SMT Power Inductors
LPO4815 SMT Power Inductors
LPO6013 SMT Power Inductors
LPO6610 SMT Power Inductors
LPR4012 SMT Coupled Inductors
LPR6235 Step-Up Transformers
LPS3008 SMT Power Inductors
LPS3010 SMT Power Inductors
LPS3015 SMT Power Inductors
LPS3030 SMT Power Inductors
LPS3314 SMT Power Inductors
LPS4012 SMT Power Inductors
LPS4018 SMT Power Inductors
LPS4040 SMT Power Inductors
LPS4414 SMT Power Inductors
LPS5010 SMT Power Inductors
LPS5015 SMT Power Inductors
LPS5030 SMT Power Inductors
LPS6225 SMT Power Inductors
LPS6235 SMT Power Inductors
LPS8045B SMT Power Inductors
LPT1606 SMT Power Inductors
LPT3305 SMT Power Inductors
LPZxxx SMT Power Inductors


M1496-A Power Choke
M2022 CM EMI/RFI Filters
Maxi Spring 132-xxSM
MA5157-AL Flyback Transformer for NXP
MA5172/3-AE Power Filter Inductors
MA5237-AL Flyback Transformer for Maxim
MA5281-BL Flyback Transformer for TI
MA5401-AE Flyback Transformer for TI
MA5421-AL Flyback Transformer for LTC
MA5475-AL Flyback Transformer for Maxim
MA5509-CL PoE Transformer
MA5519-AL Planar Transformer for TI
MA5597-AL Flyback Transformer for ON
MA5532-AE RFID transponder coil
MA5632-AL Isolation transformer for TI
ME3215 SMT Power Inductors
ME3220 SMT Power Inductors
Micro Spring 0906-x, 1606-x
Midi Spring 1812SMS
Mini Spring A0xT, BxxT
MLC12xx SMT Power Inductors
MLC15xx SMT Power Inductors
MLC1770 SMT Power Inductors
MLC75xx SMT Power Inductors
MOS6020 SMT Power Inductors
MSC1278 Coupled Inductors
MSD1048 Coupled Inductors
MSD1260 Coupled Inductors
MSD1260T Hi-temp Coupled Inductors
MSD1278 Coupled Inductors
MSD1278T Hi-temp Coupled Inductors
MSD1514 Coupled Inductors
MSD1583 Coupled Inductors
MSD7342 Coupled inductors
MSS1038 SMT Power Inductors
MSS1038T Hi-temp Power Inductors
MSS1048 SMT Power Inductors
MSS1048T Hi-temp Power Inductors
MSS1210 SMT Power Inductors
MSS1246 SMT Power Inductors
MSS1246T Hi-temp Power Inductors
MSS1260 SMT Power Inductors
MSS1260T Hi-temp Power Inductors
MSS1278 SMT Power Inductors
MSS1278H Hi-temp Power Inductors
MSS1278T Hi-temp Power Inductors
MSS1583 SMT Power Inductors
MSS4020 SMT Power Inductors
MSS5121 SMT Power Inductors
MSS5131 SMT Power Inductors
MSS5131H SMT Power Inductors
MSS6122 SMT Power Inductors
MSS6132 SMT Power Inductors
MSS6132T SMT Power Inductors
MSS7331 SMT Power Inductors
MSS7341 SMT Power Inductors
MSS7341T High Temp MSS7341
MSS7348 SMT Power Inductors
MVR VRM/VRD Power Inductors

N288x-AL Power Factor Controller Trans
NA5730-AL Flyback Transformer for TI
NA5738-DL Planar Transformer for TI
NA5743-AL Flyback Transformer for LTC
NA5766-AL Inductor w/aux winding for TI
NA5814-AL Flyback Transf for Microchip
NA5871-AL Planar Transformer for TI
NA5880-AE Coupled Inductor for Fairchild
NA5889-AL Flyback Transformer for TI
NA5919-AL Flyback Transf for Microchip
NA593x-AL Air Core Inductors for LTC
NA6083-BL PoE Transformer
NA6252-AL Flyback Transformer for LTC
NA6252-AL Flyback Transformer for LTC
NA6264-AL Flyback Transformer for TI


P32xx-AL CM Line Chokes
P3717-A Combo Line Filter Choke
PA6284 Flyback Trans for ST Micro
PA6340 Flyback Transfrormer for TI
PA6381 – 6384 Push-Pull Trans for LTC
PA6547 – 6549 Transformers for ADI
PA6582-AL Flyback Transformer for TI
PA6594-AE Power Inductor for ADI
PA6595-AL Flyback Transformer for TI
PA6598-AL Isolation Transformer for ON
PA6605-AL Planar Transformer for TI
PA6691 – 3 Chip Inductors for DOCSIS
PCH-27,45 Axial Lead Power Chokes
PCRJ Shielded Jacks
PCV-0/1/2 Power Chokes - Vertical
PDLF Data Line EMI Filters
PFD2015 Common Mode Chokes
PFD2015 Flyback / SEPIC Inductors
PFD2015 Wideband Transformers
PFD3215 Common Mode Chokes
PFD3215 Flyback / SEPIC Inductors
PFD3215 Wideband Transformers
PFL1005 SMT Power Inductors
PFL1609 SMT Power Inductors
PFL1610 SMT Power Inductors
PFL2010 SMT Power Inductors
PFL2015 SMT Power Inductors
PFL2510 SMT Power Inductors
PFL2512 SMT Power Inductors
PFL3215 SMT Power Inductors
PFL4514 SMT Power Inductors
PFL4517 SMT Power Inductors
PL140 Planar Transformer Series
PL160 Planar Transformer Series
PL300 Planar Transformer Series
POE13P PoE Transformers (EP)
POE120PL Planar transformer for PoE
POE300 Flyback Xfmr for PoE Plus
POE30P PoE Transformers (EP)
POE40Q/POE51Q PoE Transformers
POE60C/D Mini PoE Transformer
POE600F SMT PoE Transformers
POE60F/POE13F SMT Transformers
POE62F/POE71F PoE Transformers
POE70P PoE Transformers (EP)
POExxPR Flyback and Forward Transformer
PTRF Tip and Ring Filters
PWB Wideband RF Transformers


Q3903-AL Toroidal Transformer
Q40xx-A Combo Line Filter Choke
Q43xx Flyback Regulator Transformers
Q44xx Flyback Regulator Transformers
Q4470-CL Miniature Transformer


RA6992-BL Planar transformer for TI
RA6998-AL Forward transformer for LTC
RA6999-AL Forward transformer for LTC
RA7040-AL Planar transformer for TI
RA7129-BL PoE Transformer
RA7231-AL Class D Inductor
RA7338-AE Power Inductor for Microchip
RDL-A Test Fixture
RFB Series Power Inductors
RFC0807 Power Inductors
RFC0810 Power Inductors
RFC1010 Power Inductors
RFS1113 Power Inductors
RFS1317 Power Inductors
RFS1412 Power Inductors


S5069-A Converter Transformer
S5088-A Filter Transformer
S5394-CL Miniature Transformer
S5499-DL Miniature Transformer
S5502-A Converter Transformer
SCS SMT Current sensors
SD43 SMT Power Inductors
SD54 SMT Power Inductors
SD250 Base/Gate Driver Transformer
SER1052 SMT Power Inductors
SER1360 SMT Power Inductors
SER1390 SMT Power Inductors
SER1400 SMT Power Inductors
SER1512 SMT Power Inductors
SER1590 SMT Power Inductors
SER20xx Flat Wire Power Inductors
SER2211 SMT Shielded Power Inductors
SER28xx SMT Power Inductors
SER29xx SMT Power Inductors
SER3018H SMT Power Inductors
SER80xx SMT Power Inductors
SLC1049 SMT Power Inductors
SLC1175 SMT Power Inductors
SLC1480 SMT Power Inductors
SLC7530 SMT Power Inductors
SLC7649 SMT Power Inductors
SLR1050x SMT Power Inductors
SLR1065 SMT Power Inductors
SLR1070 SMT Power Inductors
SLR1075 SMT Power Inductors
SLR1190 SMT Power Inductors
SLR7010 SMT Power Inductors
Slot Ten Tunable Inductors
SMD-A-D Test Fixtures
SPT SMT Power Inductors
SWBxxxx-PCL Wideband RF Transf
SWBxxxx-SML Wideband RF Transf


T6522-AL SMT Current Sensor
T6xxx-DL Miniature SM Transformer
TA7608 Flyback Transformer for SiLabs
TA7618 Flyback Transformer for SiLabs
TA7788 Flyback Transformer for SiLabs
TA7818 Flyback Transformer for Microsemi
TA7849 – 52 Chip Inductors for DOCSIS
TRF-RJ Modular Jack EMI Filters
TRF Tip/Ring Common Mode Filters
TTDLF SMT Data Line EMI Filters
TTTRF SMT Tip/Ring Filters
TTWB SMT Wideband RF Xfmr


U6904-A SMT Power Inductor
U6939-C Flyback Transformer
U6982-CL Miniature Transformer
UA7868-AE Coupled Inductor for Intel
UA7902-AL Flyback Transformer for SiLabs
UA7962-AL PoE Transformer for TI
UA801x-AL Class D Dual Inductor
UA8164-BE Coupled Inductor
UA8263-AL Flyback Transformer for TI


VD9400-A VDSL Hybrid Transformer
VD9233-B VDSL Transformer
VER2923 TH Power Inductors


W7422-A Flyback Transformer
W7518-C Flyback Transformer
WA3096, WA3097-AL Air Core Inductors
WA8351-AL Miniature SMT Transformer
WA8417-AL Fly-Buck Transformer for TI
WA8478-BE Flyback Xfmr for ADP1031
WA8514-AE Wideband RF Choke
WA8515-AL Forward Mode Transformer
WA8582-AL Isolation Transformer
WA8704-AL PoE Xfmr for ST PM8805
WA8721-AE SMT Power Inductor
WA8759-AL Flyback transformer for TI
WB/WBT Wideband Transformers
WBxxxx-PCL Wideband RF Transf
WBxxxx-SML Wideband RF Transf
WBC Wideband RF Transformers


X8xxx-A xDSL Line Driver Transformers
X8388-C ADSL Interface Transformers
XAL1010 SMT Power Inductors
XAL1030 SMT Power Inductors
XAL1060 SMT Power Inductors
XAL1350 SMT Power Inductor
XAL1510 SMT Power Inductor
XAL1513 SMT Power Inductor
XAL1580 SMT Power Inductors
XAL4020 SMT Power Inductors
XAL4030 SMT Power Inductors
XAL4040 SMT Power Inductors
XAL5020 SMT Power Inductors
XAL5030 SMT Power Inductors
XAL5050 SMT Power Inductors
XAL6020 SMT Power Inductors
XAL6030 SMT Power Inductors
XAL6060 SMT Power Inductors
XAL7020 SMT Power Inductors
XAL7030 SMT Power Inductors
XAL7050 SMT Power Inductors
XAL7070 SMT Power Inductors
XAL8050 SMT Power Inductors
XAL8080 SMT Power Inductors
XAR7030 SMT Power Inductors
XEL3515 SMT Power Inductors
XEL3520 SMT Power Inductors
XEL3530 SMT Power Inductors
XEL4012/4014 SMT Power Inductors
XEL4012V/4014V SMT Power Inductors
XEL4020 SMT Power Inductors
XEL4020V SMT Power Inductors
XEL4030 SMT Power Inductors
XEL4030V SMT Power Inductors
XEL5020 SMT Power Inductors
XEL5030 SMT Power Inductors
XEL5050 SMT Power Inductors
XEL6030 SMT Power Inductors
XEL6060 SMT Power Inductors
XFL2005 SMT Power Inductor
XFL2006 SMT Power Inductor
XFL3010 SMT Power Inductors
XFL3012 SMT Power Inductors
XFL4012 SMT Power Inductors
XFL4015 SMT Power Inductors
XFL4020 SMT Power Inductors
XFL4030 SMT Power Inductors
XFL5015 SMT Power Inductors
XFL5030 SMT Power Inductors
XFL6012 SMT Power Inductors
XFL6060-473 SMT Power Inductors
XFL7015 SMT Power Inductors
XGL3520 SMT Power Inductors
XGL3530 SMT Power Inductors
XGL4020 SMT Power Inductors
XGL4030 SMT Power Inductors
XGL6060 SMT Power Inductors
XPL2010 SMT Power Inductors
XTL7030 SMT Power Inductors


Y872x-A replaced by 1812FS
Y884x Transformers for ON NCP1200
YA8779-BL Flyback Transformer
YA8864-BL Flyback Transformer
YA8916-BL Flyback Transformer
YA9123-BE Flyback Xfmr for MAX17690
YA9124-BE Flyback Xfmr for MAX17690
YA9125-BE Flyback Xfmr for MAX17690
YA9126-BE Flyback Xfmr for MAX17690
YA9127-BE Flyback Xfmr for MAX17690
YA9128-BE Flyback Xfmr for MAX17690
YA9165-BE Flyback Xfmr for MAX17690
YA9166-BE Flyback Xfmr for MAX17690
YA9167-BE Flyback Xfmr for MAX17690
YA9168-BE Flyback Xfmr for MAX17690
YA9169-BE Flyback Xfmr for MAX17690
YA9170-BE Flyback Xfmr for MAX17690
YA9171-BE Flyback Xfmr for MAX17690
YA9172-BE Flyback Xfmr for MAX17690
YA9173-BE Flyback Xfmr for MAX17690
YA9174-BE Flyback Xfmr for MAX17690
YA9175-BE Flyback Xfmr for MAX17690
YA9176-BE Flyback Xfmr for MAX17690
YA9280-AL Flyback Xfmr for MAX17690
YA9293-AL Flyback Xfmr for ADP1031
YA9245-AL Dual Inductor for Class-D


Z9007-BL Transformer for ON NCP1200
Z9169-A SM Wideband RF Transf
Z9260-AL Transformer for ON NCP1200
Z9264-B, Z9265-B PFC Transformers
Z9280-AL Wideband Xfmr for ADI
Z9314-AL Wideband Xfmr for ADI
ZA9336-AL Class-D Dual Inductor
ZA9336-AL Dual Inductor for Class-D
ZA9384-AL Flyback transformer for ADI
ZA9644-AL Flyback transformer for ADI
ZA967x-BE Flyback transformer for TI
ZA9710-AE Flyback transformer for TI
ZB105x-AE Flyback transformer for TI
ZB1067-AE Flyback transformer for TI
ZXC Z Axis Transponder Coil




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