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射频磁性元件   RF Magnetics
射频电感  RF inductors
片式电感  Chip inductors
射频变压器  RF transformers
RFI滤波器  RFI filters
RFID应答器线圈  RFID transponder coils

空芯电感  Air core inductors
“弹簧”电感  "Spring" inductors
锥形电感 – 带屏蔽  Conical inductors – Shielded
锥形电感 – “飞线”   Conical inductors – "Flying Leads"

功率磁性元件   Power magnetics
功率电感  Power inductors
背光电感  Backlight inductors
功率因数控制器  Power factor controllers
平板磁性元件  Planar Magnetics
D类  Class D 

变压器   Transformers
定制  Custom
基极/栅极驱动器  Base/gate driver
电容充电  Capacitor charging
反激式  Flyback
平板  Planar
微型隔离  Miniature isolation
功率因数控制器  Power factor controller
宽带射频   Wideband RF

xDSL磁性元件   xDSL magnetics
ADSL磁性元件  ADSL magnetics
DSL磁性元件  DSL magnetics
HDSL磁性元件  HDSL magnetics
VDSL磁性元件   VDSL magnetics

滤波器   Filters
电磁干扰(EMI)/ 射频干扰(RFI) EMI/RFI
电感电容(LC) LC
电话线  Tip/Ring
USB滤波器  USB filters  

卷装 / 包装规格  
Tape and Reel / Packaging Specifications 

射频磁性元件  RF magnetics
功率磁性元件  Power magnetics
EMI滤波器  EMI filters
色码 – 片式电感  Color coding - chip inductors
色码 – 功率电感  Color coding - power inductors
日期代码  Date codes


设计支持和工具   Design Support and Tools
设计工具  Design tools
应用说明  Application notes
同等品  Equivalents
对照检索  Cross reference
定制设计  Custom designs
常见问题解答  Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
评估样品  Evaluation samples
设计师的样品套件  Designer’s kits
S-参数  S-parameters
SPICE模型  SPICE models
PSpice模型  PSpice models 

选择指南  Selection guides
片式电感  Chip inductors
SMD功率电感  SMD power inductors 

参数搜索  Parametric search
IC应用  IC applications
半导体应用  Semiconductor applications
技术支持  Technical support

公司和销售信息  Company and Sales Information
关于线艺  About Coilcraft
公司信息  Company information
电子数据交换  EDI

销售点  Sales offices
北美和南美  North & South America
欧洲  Europe
环太平洋  Pacific Rim
经销商  Distributors
环境方针  Environmental policy
ISO 9001:2000
ISO/TS 16949
条款及条件  Terms & conditions

产品信息  Product information
目录  Catalogs
报价  Price quotes
失效率(FIT) Failure rate (FIT)
无铅解决方案  Lead free solutions
REACH声明  REACH statement
RoHS符合性  RoHS compliance
可靠性数据  Reliability data
PCB清洗  Washing PC boards
测试夹具  Test fixtures
调棒  Tuning tools
美国线规(AWG) American Wire Gauge (AWG) specifications 

通知   Notices
停产通知  Discontinuation Notices
废止通知  Obsolescence notices
变更通知  Change Notices
产品变更通知(PCN) Product Change Notices
产品停产通知(PDN) Product Discontinuation Notices
PCN / PDN通知  PCN / PDN notices