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The part number you entered is not exactly correct.

You typed "PVC" instead of "PCV". You may want to correct your records.

Here are links to the data pages for the PCV product families: 

    PCV-0     PCV-1     PCV-2

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Updated: April 16, 2018
PVC-0-005-05 PVC000505 PVC-0-005-05L PVC000505L PVC-0-005-10L PVC000510L PVC-0-010-03 PVC001003 PVC-0-010-03L PVC001003L PVC-0-010-10L PVC001010L PVC-0-102-10 PVC010210 PVC-0-102-10L PVC010210L PVC-0-102-25 PVC010225 PVC-0-102-25L PVC010225L PVC-0-103-03 PVC010303 PVC-0-103-03L PVC010303L PVC-0-103-05 PVC010305 PVC-0-103-05L PVC010305L PVC-0-103-10 PVC010310 PVC-0-103-10L PVC010310L PVC-0-103-20 PVC010320 PVC-0-103-20L PVC010320L PVC-0-104-01 PVC010401 PVC-0-104-01L PVC010401L PVC-0-104-03L PVC010403L PVC-0-104-05 PVC010405 PVC-0-104-05L PVC010405L PVC-0-153-03 PVC015303 PVC-0-153-03L PVC015303L PVC-0-153-10 PVC015310 PVC-0-153-10L PVC015310L PVC-0-154-03 PVC015403 PVC-0-154-03L PVC015403L PVC-0-154-05L PVC015405L PVC-0-180-05 PVC018005 PVC-0-180-05L PVC018005L PVC-0-184-05 PVC018405 PVC-0-184-05L PVC018405L PVC-0-223-03L PVC022303L PVC-0-223-05 PVC022305 PVC-0-223-05L PVC022305L PVC-0-223-10 PVC022310 PVC-0-223-10L PVC022310L PVC-0-224-03 PVC022403 PVC-0-224-03L PVC022403L PVC-0-273-05 PVC027305 PVC-0-273-05L PVC027305L PVC-0-274-04L PVC027404L PVC-0-274-10 PVC027410 PVC-0-274-10L PVC027410L PVC-0-332-10 PVC033210 PVC-0-332-10L PVC033210L PVC-0-333-12 PVC033312 PVC-0-333-12L PVC033312L PVC-0-394-03 PVC039403 PVC-0-394-03L PVC039403L PVC-0-394-05L PVC039405L PVC-0-472-03 PVC047203 PVC-0-472-03L PVC047203L PVC-0-472-05 PVC047205 PVC-0-472-05L PVC047205L PVC-0-472-10L PVC047210L PVC-0-472-20 PVC047220 PVC-0-472-20L PVC047220L PVC-0-473-03 PVC047303 PVC-0-473-03L PVC047303L PVC-0-473-05 PVC047305 PVC-0-473-05L PVC047305L PVC-0-473-10L PVC047310L PVC-0-823-03 PVC082303 PVC-0-823-03L PVC082303L PVC-1-103-03 PVC110303 PVC-1-103-03L PVC110303L PVC-1-103-05 PVC110305 PVC-1-103-05L PVC110305L PVC-1-103-10 PVC110310 PVC-1-103-10L PVC110310L PVC-1-104-03 PVC110403 PVC-1-104-03L PVC110403L PVC-1-104-05L PVC110405L PVC-1-152-15 PVC115215 PVC-1-152-15L PVC115215L PVC-1-153-10L PVC115310L PVC-1-182-10L PVC118210L PVC-1-182-15 PVC118215 PVC-1-182-15L PVC118215L PVC-1-184-03 PVC118403 PVC-1-184-03L PVC118403L PVC-1-223-03 PVC122303 PVC-1-223-03L PVC122303L PVC-1-223-05L PVC122305L PVC-1-223-10 PVC122310 PVC-1-223-10L PVC122310L PVC-1-304-05 PVC130405 PVC-1-304-05L PVC130405L PVC-1-394-05 PVC139405 PVC-1-394-05L PVC139405L PVC-1-472-03L PVC147203L PVC-1-472-05L PVC147205L PVC-1-472-10 PVC147210 PVC-1-472-10L PVC147210L PVC-1-473-03 PVC147303 PVC-1-473-03L PVC147303L PVC-1-473-05 PVC147305 PVC-1-473-05L PVC147305L PVC-1-473-10 PVC147310 PVC-1-473-10L PVC147310L PVC-2-103-05 PVC210305 PVC-2-103-05L PVC210305L PVC-2-103-10L PVC210310L PVC-2-104-03 PVC210403 PVC-2-104-03L PVC210403L PVC-2-104-05L PVC210405L PVC-2-104-10 PVC210410 PVC-2-104-10L PVC210410L PVC-2-105-02L PVC210502L PVC-2-184-05L PVC218405L PVC-2-184-10L PVC218410L PVC-2-223-05 PVC222305 PVC-2-223-05L PVC222305L PVC-2-223-10 PVC222310 PVC-2-223-10L PVC222310L PVC-2-224-05L PVC222405L PVC-2-274-03L PVC227403L PVC-2-274-05 PVC227405 PVC-2-274-05L PVC227405L PVC-2-274-10 PVC227410 PVC-2-274-10L PVC227410L PVC-2-394-05L PVC239405L PVC-2-473-05 PVC247305 PVC-2-473-05L PVC247305L PVC-2-473-10L PVC247310L PVC-2-564-02 PVC256402 PVC-2-564-02L PVC256402L PVC-2-564-06 PVC256406 PVC-2-564-06L PVC256406L PVC-2-564-08 PVC256408 PVC-2-564-08L PVC256408L PVC-2-684-01L PVC268401L