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Environmental policy

One of Coilcraft's corporate goals is to minimize the environmental impact of our business activities and of the products we make.

While Coilcraft has always strived to be a "green" company, we have formalized our efforts and established the following environmental policy:

  • We shall observe applicable laws about environmental impact in the countries where we manufacture, and we will observe international accords which may pertain to countries where we sell our products. Also, we will be responsive to individual customers' concerns with respect to environmental matters.

  • We will strive to prevent pollution of the environment by our actions and we will eliminate or minimize the use of substances known to be environmentally undesirable.

  • We will seek to complete the recycling circle: - by using reclaimed materials, where possible and appropriate, even when such materials may cost slightly more than virgin materials; - by reclaiming from the waste stream materials and supplies we use; - by making it easy for our customers to reclaim and recycle what we supply, especially packaging materials.

  • We will welcome proposals from our customers to develop re-use strategies for materials, where possible, especially packaging materials.

Environmental Management System

To ensure that every Coilcraft facility throughout the world observes these principles fully and consistently, we have developed a comprehensive Environmental Management System. Designed to be compliant with the requirements of ISO 14001, this system was implemented and 3rd-party registered at our European headquarters in 2000 and our China facilities in 2004. A fully compliant system has been in place at all other Coilcraft facilities since 2003. Compliance audits are conducted annually.

Primary objectives

  • Abolish banned substances from our products

  • Curtail waste generation

  • Promote energy conservation

  • Increase the use of recycled materials

  • Accelerate recycling programs

  • Reduce paper and packaging material usage

  • Source Conflict Free Metals from our suppliers


Each facility has an environmental team whose responsibilities include:

  • Training and qualifying employees whose work can cause significant environmental impact

  • Communicating environmental policies and good practices to employees

  • Maintaining procedure documentation for all operations that have an environmental impact

  • Consulting with local experts to ensure compliance with environmental legislation and regulations

  • Setting goals and documenting results

Periodic audits by corporate and plant teams help determine whether our environmental management systems are working as intended.

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