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Coilcraft understands that inductors are not the most easily understood components,
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Free Support for Students and Educators

Coilcraft can take the mystery out of magnetics by providing the resources you need to pick the right inductor for your project. See why students around the globe are turning to Coilcraft for our Free Resources!

Powerful and Educational Design Tools

Our proprietary, web-based tools help students find the components they need to optimize their design projects, streamlining their search for the best solution. They also provide greater insight into the specification parameters students need to understand and how operating conditions will impact their component selection process.
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RF and Power Magnetics Lab Kits

Offered free to engineering teachers and instructional lab managers, our Magnetics Lab Kits kit contain a broad selection components to help bring practical, hands-on experience to the classroom, allowing students to better understand textbook theories by applying them to real-world designs.
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Free Samples of All our Parts

We know students are on a tight budget, so we provide free samples of all our parts for use on design and capstone projects. When you find a product that interests you, just look for the Samples button!

The Getting Started Series

This series of articles cover a broad range of topics related to the various types of inductors, transformers, and EMI filters, and their many uses. Start with "What is an Inductor?" and work your way through the list!
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Video Library

From our Magnetic Minutes Series to our latest product introductions, we have plenty worth watching.
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Take a deep dive into different magnetics topics with our free downloadable eBooks.
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