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Tools to help optimize the selection of an inductor for your DC-DC converter.

  Want to calculate the inductor requirements for your topology Start here
  Looking for inductors that meet your L, I, DCR and size specs Start here
  Want to compare the efficiency of several inductors?  Start here
  Have you already chosen your driver IC Start here
Application notes Inductor selection tools Free evaluation samples

Selecting the Best Inductor
for Your DC-DC Converter

Inductor Performance in
High Frequency DC-DC Converters

Determining Inductor Power Losses

Selecting Coupled Inductors for SEPIC Applications

Selecting Inductors to Drive LEDs


Power inductor finder
A parametric search engine

Inductor selection chart
A visual guide to size/performance

SPICE models
Simulate inductor performance in
your circuit


Coilcraft is always happy to send you free evaluation samples for your prototypes. When you find a part you want to try, simply click on the part number and it will drop into a samples shopping cart.


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