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Coilcraft offers many online tools to help you select a standard inductor to fit your specific application. Please try our Power Inductor Finder or RF inductor Finder before filling out this worksheet.

We also offer design tools to select inductors that will work with many ICs and powerful graphing tools to ensure that your selected inductor will perform as expected in your application. Please visit our Design Support Tools page.

If none of our in-stock inductors meets your specific requirements, fill out the Inductor Design Worksheet.
Firefox and Chrome users – if the form does not display red boxes denoting required fields, please save the PDF form before filling out. Then email the completed form to

After completing the worksheet, click the Submit button to email the form. Attach any additional information to the email, such as a schematic or specific design criteria,  before sending.

We will contact you with any questions we may have.


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Updated: April 16, 2018