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ADSL Transformers for
GlobeSpan EL-1501

This product is not available in an RoHS-compliant version. Terminations contain lead.
  • For GlobeSpan and other ADSL transceiver chip sets
  • Low leakage inductance and DCR


Part number
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Chipset Style Turns ratio
chip : line
±10% (mH)
max (µH)
DCR max (Ohms)2
Chip side Line side
AS8424-A GlobeSpan
SMT 1:1 0.407 10 0.363 (10-7, 9-6) 0.429 (1-4, 2-5)
Part number
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strength (V)
max (pF)
balance typ (dB)
THD  at 20 kHz
typ (dB)
to meet
AS8424-A 1875 25 55 (20 kHz – 1.1 MHz) −80 UL 1459, 1950
1 Inductance measured across pins 1-5 with pins 2-4 shorted.
2 DCR measured at 25°C. For other operating temperatures, use this DCR at Temperature calculator.
3 All electrical specifications referenced to line side.
4 Ambient temperature range:  â€“40°C to +85°C.
5 Electrical specifications at 25°C.
Refer to Soldering Coilcraft Components before soldering.
PCB washing: Tested to MIL-STD-202 Method 215 plus an additional aqueous wash. More info

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Updated: September 18, 2018